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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Feather Linux

Feather Linux is a Linux distribution which runs completely off a CD or a USB pendrive and takes up under 128Mb of space. It is a Knoppix remaster (based on Debian)

As of version 0.7.5, it includes:
Kernel 2.4.27, Abiword, siag, Dillo, Firefox, Captive-NTFS, gaim, ethereal, vim, Sylpheed, XMMS and plugins, Imposter, IceWM, wavplay, mpg321, FreeNX, John the Ripper, Tcl, qemu, kismet, abcde, macchanger, screen, paketto, ogg123 and other Ogg Vorbis tools, axyFTP, fireftp, rox-filer, cdrecord, mkisofs, rdesktop, tcpdump, parted, partimage, xfsprogs, Rhapsody, didiwiki, torsmo, GNUpod, GRUB, dsniff, aircrack, madwifi, dnsmasq, foremost, antiword, e2undel, iftop, bbpager, utelnetd, minicom, index, gpart, socat, traceroute, SciTE, prozilla, Midnight Commander, Samba, elmo, tmsnc, apsfilter, gmplayer,, chntpw, tinycc, nano, Xzgv, Xpdf, naim, hdparm, usbview, index, recoverdm, mtr, cdparanoia, betaftpd, Chipmunk Basic, gqcam, e3, lua, cdparanoia, giFTcurs, mtools, emelfm2, vncdec, elhttp, quagga, ettercap, wavemon, iptables, recover, amap, hping2, cabextract, splitvt, pciutils, LinNeighborhood, nmap and nmapfe, portmap and nfs-common, aumix, CTorrent, VNCviewer, sqlite, SSH and SCP, DHCP client, xtdesktop, PPP and PPPoE support, NTFS resize support, an RSS reader, stress, cpuburn, the Monkey webserver, Xcalc, Fluxbox, evilwm, the XBase apps, and the various standard console and system tools.

Thanks go to Klaus Knopper for creating Knoppix, and to the Debian team for providing a base for both Knoppix and Feather.

Feather Linux CD edition can be downloaded here , and there is also a boot image. The current release is 0.7.5. The changelog can be found here. MD5SUMs can be found here.

Feather Linux USB edition (0.7.4) can be downloaded from here, and there is also a boot floppy for systems that cannot boot from USB drives (and for systems that fail to boot even still, there is this boot floppy). Installation instructions and MD5SUMs are also available.

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