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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Unable to click show hidden files and folders

We all know, you can hide files or folders in Microsoft Windows ( to hide a file or folder , right click on file or folder >select properties and then select Hide file)
When you open Folder Option and check "Show hidden files and folders" you can see hidden files.

What happens if your pc can't show hidden files and folders, even after selecting the show all hidden files option! It happens when certain Windows files are corrupt.

1- Click start > Run > type regedit to run Windows Registry Editor.
2- Go to following address:


3- In the right panel double click on "CheckedValue" and change value
from 0 to 1. Click ok and then exit Windows Registry Editor and
restart your computer.
4- Now open Folder Option ( My Computer > View menu > Folder Options)
5- Go to the View tab, in "Hidden files and folders" section, check
"Show hidden files and folders" and then close Folder Option.

How to Get "Show Hidden Files and Folders" Back if it is Missing

If the option to enable "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is MISSING from your Folders Options > View > Advanced Settings, find this key in your registry:


Modify the string value "Type" and enter "group" as value data.

After the edit is complete hit F5 to refresh, and go look in your Folder Options.

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