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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clean Bootable CD-Rom (for BIOS upgrade)

How to create a bootable CD-Rom to update/flash their BIOS, on a system that has no floppy disk drive?
This Clean Bootable CD-Rom can be used for flashing your BIOS or other programs that need to be run from a "clean-booted" Dos operating system.

The steps to create are:

1. Download Clean Boot CD package v2.0 (596KB) and unpack it into any directory you like.

2. Add your own files, needed to upgrade your BIOS, to the cds\clean\bootdisk\ folder. You have about 2.5MB available space on the bootimage (the CD uses 2.88MB floppy emulation). Do not add your files to cds\clean\files\ folder!
Optionally you can edit the file cds\clean\bootdisk\autorun.bat and append a line to automatically run your flash program.

3. When you're done customizing, run "build-clean.cmd" to build your ISO image and burn it to your CD writer. VIA

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