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Monday, April 30, 2012

Make your Windows Genuine in 2 Seconds

 Good For Windows XP Only

Download here

WGAOGA instructions

contains the latest anti-wga and activation tools for all windows versions.

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HP Pavilion P2-1121L PC Drivers

Tips: Update o5May2012 Create an Acronis Back Up copy of a Windows XP system from a running PC with XP OS. Recover it to this HP pavilion desktop with Acronis True Image Home 2012 Plus Pack. See here.
For Wins XP3 Drivers see here:-
 Atheros Gigabit Fast Ethernet Controller Drivers
Intel Management Engine Interface
Original Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
Realtex HD Audio Drivers
Intel Chipset Device Software
Intel HD Graphic Drivers

For Wins 7 See HP links here:-

» Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic (64-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Starter (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
» Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

Pavilion P2-1121L PC New !  Sandy Bridge based Pentiums
Release date
Intel® Pentium® Processor G630T(2.3GHz, 3MB Cache) ultra low power
 2048MB DDR3 PC3-10600 / 1333MHz (2048 x 1 pc)(2 UDIMM),expandable up to 16GB
500GB 7200RPM SATA
HP SuperMulti DVD Drive
Intel® H61 PCH Chipset
 Intel HD Graphics
High Definition 5.1 channel Audio Support
On-board 10/100Mbps Ethernet Support
HP 6-in-1 USB Media Card Reader (BU)
2xUSB2.0, Headphone/Mic Front I/O
4 USB 2.0
HP USB Standard Value Keyboard + USB Optical Mouse
1 year Parts & Labour (onsite) limited warranty with up-and-running phone support for first 30 days Other than memory slots, this computer has no capacity to be upgraded.

HP Pavilion p2-1121l Desktop PC Product Specifications - c03190307 - HP Business Support Center

Second Generation Pentium Dual core Intel processor looks very generic, with an extremely plain interior. It's dead quiet with its External 90W (100V-240V) Power Adapter. No interior power supply that is to say. No need as there are no expansion slots for neither Hard Disk nor Graphic card etc. ( No free SATA ports,)
No 3D games, as there are no available expansion slots to add a graphic card, and the processor's integrated Intel HD Graphics won't get you very far. We were able to play HD video and a game of Plants vs. Zombies & Magic Ball 
There are VGA and HDMI outputs, so you can have a pair of monitors if you prefer a dual-headed desktop. Motherboard supports Core i3-2100T (Sandy Bridge) dual core processor upgrade.

 This little  PC will do well in at home& built for business too, thanks to its powerful processor.



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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NET Framework v4.0 makes win XP3 explorer start slow

I have problem after installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4 for WinFolderLockPro.1.3
to function. With it installed, it slow down boot time.I remove this .NET update. and the desktop icons comes up as soon as the system boots. I browse to the fix tool
at the bottom source, runs it and viola I am now able to implement .NET Framework 4 for WinFolderLockPro.1.3 without undue booting delay.

Slowdown will happen if you have the following:
- Windows XP SP3
- installed .NET Framework 4

How to fix this problem:
Microsoft hasn't provided an official fix yet, but here is the fix that solves this slow system startup.

Just download the fix tool, unpack it and run.

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Editing Context Menu

Cannot remove applications in Context Menu!! Want to add applications to Context Menu !! Utilize Yamicsoft Windows Managers. Yamicsoft built the specialized utilities to optimize, tweak, repair and cleanup your Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Go to Customization/Context Menu after installing. Homepage Download Yamicsoft.WinXP.Manager.v7.0.7.Incl.Keymaker-CORE.rar Download Windows_7_Manager_4.0.3.rar

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Pressing and holding the power button will not cause damage.

Sudden removal of power from a hard disk will not cause damage.

The only damage that could be caused is the the head will crash into the disk surface and scratch it. Under normal circumstance the head is kept from hitting the disk by what is known as the Bernoulli Effect. This causes the spinning disk to create a high pressure area on its surface which the disk head cannot get through and it effectively floats on a cushion of air. This cushion of air is about five microns thick which is about half the thickness of a human hair.

When power is removed the disk stops spinning, but it doesn't stop immediately. There is enough time for the head to be moved to the outside of the disk in a blank area called the landing zone. When the disk has slowed down sufficiently the head will settle on this landing zone without causing any damage.

In the early days when hard disks where relatively new the drive head was controlled by a stepper motor. This created the problem that if power was suddenly remove the head would crash into the hard disk at the place it was damaging data. During a normal shut down procedure the hard was "parked" over the landing zone before power was removed. A sudden loss of power and this could not happen as a stepper motor needs power to do anything.

This led to the introduction of the voice coil to control the heads. It is called a voice coil because it behaves in a similar way to the coil in a loudspeaker which is just a solenoid. When power is removed the solenoid reverts to its rest position which moves the head over the landing zone. It was now possible to move the head without the need for power and one big problem was solved.

Pressing and holding the power button for four seconds by passes the shutdown procedure which is
under software control, and simply removes power from the power supply. Pretty much the same as pulling the plug except that is saves groveling around the back of the computer.


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Cannot remove Microsoft Office 2007

Uninstall Microsoft Office 2007 suites with Microsoft Fix it
 The Fix it solution for Microsoft Office 2007 suites will remove all Office 2007 editions. This includes all Office 2007 trial editions.

To uninstall the 2007 Microsoft Office suite  click & download the  link below. Save & Run in the File  dialog box, and then follow the steps in the Fix it wizard.

Download Microsoft Fix it 50154


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Restoring Safe Mode XP

Delete Safeboot key
Run The Undeletable SafeBoot Key (Download Here)
Merge XP3 Safe Mode REF file into the registry by double-clicking it.
[Download Safeboot key for

The Undeletable SafeBoot Key « Didier Stevens

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Auto Power On & Shut-Down.

Auto Power on & Shutdown is an easy to use application that allows you to control your computer resume from power-off state (hibernation) or wake up from sleep mode (stand by). With Auto Poweron & Shutdown, you can have more fun in your life. Wake up every morning at the sound of your own favorite music.

One of the greatest things about the application is the fact that it can also get past the Windows login screen if you agree to provide the necessary password, so you can easily start the computer at any time without absolutely any hassle.

Auto Power On & Shut-Down v2.50 FulL + Patch

Tips:- (Added 24-Apr-12) Go to Folder Options to check "Show Hidden Files & Folders". Do an advanced search with "Search Hidden Files And Folders" checked for WinScheduler.exe & wake.ini

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