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Monday, April 5, 2010

DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution is the most popular program that makes the job of finding and automatically installing drivers a pleasure.
DriverPack Solution simplifies the process of reinstalling Windows on any computer. No more problems of searching and installing drivers. Everything will be done in couple of mouse clicks!

Windows XP / Vista / 7 (x86-x64)
Supports all modern operating systems!
Both 64-bit and 32-bit versions!

DriverPack Solution 9

Previous version (x86 only) – 1000mb

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Size: 1040 Мб.
md5: eecdae3af80169c906fe5bd9d45373b6

05.09.09 update (~1mb)
Just unpack the archive to the previous version installation folder, replacing all the files.

DriverPack Solution 10

Latest version (x86-x64) – 3200mb

DriverPack Solution 10 is the latest version of the most popular program for automated drivers installation. This version has a large number of new features and it is optimized for all platforms (x86-x64). Thanks to the recent drivers bases, the program will install drivers on any computer!

Download if needed: DriverPackSolution Program

DriverPack Solution 10 FINAL Professional (updated 03.04.2010/Multi)

DriverPack Solution 10 - is the latest version (as amended on 03.04.2010) the most popular program to automatically install the drivers. This version contains a number of new features and optimized for all platforms (x86-x64). And thanks to a fresh database program installs a driver on any computer!
Version: 10 FINAL from 03.04.2010 (as amended on 03.04.2010)
Released: 2010
Developer: Arthur Kuzyakov
Type: Drivers
System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista (32x/64x), Windows 7 (32x/64x)

For Vista, Win 7:Click Here

For WinXP:

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Nintendo DS Game & eMULATOR

The Nintendo DS (ニンテンドーDS?, sometimes abbreviated to DS or NDS) is a handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was released in 2004 in Canada, the United States, and Japan. The console features a clamshell design, similar to the Game Boy Advance SP, with two LCD screens inside—with the bottom one being a touchscreen. The Nintendo DS also features a built-in microphone and supports wireless IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) standards,[5] allowing players to interact with each other within short range (10–30 m, depending on conditions) or online with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, which launched later in the console's lifespan. The Nintendo DS is the first Nintendo console to be released in North America before Japan. Source

List of Nintendo DS games

Nintendo DS eMULATOR
DS emulator is a program you run on your computer that allows you to run other programs meant for a different computer, video game console or another operating system. There are free emulators for MS-DOS, SNES, N64, SEGA Genesis old Apple II, Commodore C64, and Timex ZX81s, and even for many more game devices such as Atari and Sony game consoles.

An emulator, in the most general sense, duplicates (provides an emulation of) the functions of one system with a different system, so that the second system appears to behave like the first system. Unlike a simulation, it does not attempt to precisely model the state of the device being emulated; it only attempts to reproduce its behavior.

A common form of emulation is that of a software emulator, a piece of computer software that allows certain computer programs to run on a platform (computer architecture and/or operating system) other than the one for which they were originally written. It does this by "emulating", or reproducing, the behavior of one type of computer on another by accepting the same data, executing the same programs, and achieving the same results. A popular use of emulators is to run software and games, often referred to as ROMs. Source

New emulator development found for the NDS, called IDeaS which is the symbolic of Ideas and DS and the second best (after DeSmuME) emu progressing so far.

iDeaS Emulator Web Links

To run NDS roms on Nintendo DS you need to write roms to one of these nds compatible flash cartridges.
NDS Neo Flash works with commercial nds roms that have been GST patched.
NDS SuperCard Similar to Movie Player Advance. SD flash card and Compact Flash adapter.
G6 flash 3 comes in two version - GBA and NDS mode. Play DS demos and NDS games.
M3 Adapter GBA & DS Movie Player Advance 3 - M3. Video, MP3 and Games.
EFA Linker 2 Extreme Flash Advance II with GBA, SP and Nintendo DS compatibility in GBA_Mode.
Neo MagicKey2 MK2 from Neo Flash team. New 1Gb 2Gb and 8Gb PassKey with SD.

DeSmuME - Nintendo DS Emulator

Offers a cross-platform, open source Dual Screen emulator, includes screenshots, a compatibility list and documentation.

Nintendo DS Game
1) Madagascar Kartz (2009) [NDS] with iDeaS Emulator - NDS Emulator
EUR PAL version | English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish | 27MB
Genre : Racing

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