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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Email Privacy

Email Privacy with no DownloadsAccess Here

No traces at all. Messages are encrypted into non readable format. Access from anywhere in the world with any browser.The recipient must have the code to open the email. Code are created by the sender & relay through any channels deemed safe.
The message can be configured to self destruct.
In any event, all messages are untraceable, encrypted and anonymous. You can choose to message track your email sent by saving a copy or by code. This also enable you to know whether the email is decoded & read.

Stealth Message protects your message from being accidentally or carelessly copied or printed by the recipient. There are a number of ways in which this is accomplished and the level of security varies depending on which options you select. With all options, it is difficult for recipients to cut-and-paste any part of your message, but not impossible. Also, there is no foolproof way to deter a recipient from creating a screenshot containing at least some part of the message by using the PrintScreen key alone, or in combination with other keys.

By using the highest level of anti-copying security along with just enough time on the self-destruct timer for the message to be read, you can prevent even the most mischievous recipient from copying your message in full.
  • If you are really concerned about copying...

  • Select the highest anti-copying security -- this will place the message in a very small window to prevent copying of the entire message at once.
  • Put just enough time on the self-destruct timer to read the message. Even using PrintScreen takes a considerable amount of time since recipients would need to take a screen shot of every portion of text, and save each file before the timer runs out. For example, a 20 line message could require 10 screen shots, but with only 20 seconds for reading it is doubtful that a mischievous copier would save more than two screen shots of two or three lines each.
  • Double-space the text in your messages so that even less of the actual text fits in the viewing window at any given time.
  • Use an alias and avoid real names when possible in messages -- don't include a signature.
  • If a recipient complains that they don't have enough time to read messages for which you've given ample time, be suspicious that they may be attempting to copy the message instead of reading it.
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