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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HotKicks ( Hotkey Utility )

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Current version: v6.0 Download

The help file is available here.
Description: HotKicks - the tiny program that gives you complete control over your Windows® Operating system. If you like using hotkey combinations you will love this little program. It has many built in functions like immediate or scheduled shutdown/restart/logoff, launch default browser or email client, open explorer, display important info about your computer like IP address, memory usage and so on, defragment your computer and shutdown, open/close CD drive, empty the recycle bin or/and delete files or folders at startup.The user can add his/her own programs and all key combinations can be modified. HotKicks is small in size (only 111kb) and very easy to use. HotKicks also allows you to send keystrokes and text to other applications and can launch your programs (including batch launching).

HotKicks combines, in a single 112kb executable, functions which as a rule you only get by installing several programs. New users of HotKicks often wonder how they managed to cope without HotKicks! An overview of some of the features of HotKicks is contained in the file help.txt. You will discover the rest on your own. By the way, you can modify all the hotkeys and the menu text, by editing them in the cfg file. See the end of this help file for the hotkey syntax.

How to use

Extract the contents of, which you downloaded, into its own folder. HotKicks is a single executable. Double-click on the executable HotKicks.exe and wait a few seconds. After about 10 to 15 seconds a message will pop up informing you that HotKicks is up and running. To view the hotkeys press F11 (note: the main menu spreads over two pages and F11 toggles the two pages). You can press F11 to view the menu at any time while HotKicks is running. That's all, start enjoying HotKicks. Note: a configuration file HotKicks.cfg will be created when you run HotKicks for the first time. All the settings of HotKicks are stored in this file and you can call it up for editing by pressing Win+F11 (Win is the Windows Logo key). HotKicks does not write to the Windows registry and does not modify your system in any way. You can set desired options under the [Options] section of the cfg file. With the exception of AutoRefreshEvery, 0 means no, 1 means yes. AutoRefreshEvery is the AutoRefresh time interval (e.g AutoRefreshEvery=20 means every 20 minutes). The value of AutoRefreshEvery must be a factor of 60 and less than 60 (default is 20). (AutoRefresh simply means that if you make modifications in the cfg file, HotKicks will update itself instead of waiting for you to press Shift+Win+r).

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