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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Linux Gaining Strength In Downturn

A February survey of IT managers by IDC indicated that hard times are accelerating the adoption of Linux. Sixty-five percent of the 330 respondents said they plan to increase Linux server workloads by 10% or more this year. Sixty-three percent said they will increase their use of Linux on the desktop by more than 10% this year. Of the CIOs, VPs of IT, and IT managers and professional staffers surveyed, 97% had Windows Server in use; 57% had Linux in use as a server system, and 39% also used Unix. The paper seemed to show that those already using Linux tend to use more of it during a recession, and in some cases, decrease their reliance on commercial Unix.

Linux server use has surpassed that of Unix for several years. Another source of growth for Linux is either on the IBM mainframe, where it runs natively, or in those shops migrating away from the mainframe to lower cost x86 servers. The two top factors that would accelerate Linux deployments according to respondents are reducing costs and stronger interoperability with Windows.

Although Linux is distributed for free, technical support for Linux from Red Hat, Novell, and other vendors is charged for via annual subscriptions, and IT staffers knowledgeable in Linux frequently command good salaries. VIA
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