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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Microsoft reveals 36 changes to Windows 7

Microsoft Corp. February 26, 2009 revealed some of the changes it has made to Windows 7 since it issued a public beta more than a month ago on Jan. 10. Under-construction is the release candidate (RC), which Microsoft executives have said will be the next milestone on the road to final code with no confirmation date on its realease. The new RC operating system features three dozen improvements and modifications is hinted that it will also be offered to the public for a test drive. Paul Thurrott(who writes SuperSite for Windows) acknowledged the list of 36 changes, but dismissed them as a "laundry list of tiny changes."

Among the changes were 10 affecting the Window 7 desktop, four to the operating system's new touch-sensitive features, another four to the Control Panel and eight to Windows Media Player.

Many of the changes are so minor that they may be difficult to spot. One tweak, for example, increases the number of times that notification windows. Others modifications include up to 39% more icons on the taskbar before it begins scrolling to show the remainder. Changes in the UAC's behavior in the RC wouldbe made according to Microsoft. Thurrott singled out for special criticism the move to boost the number of notification window flashes is disagrreable to users who really need a way to turn off the annoying flashing 'needy' notification, not making it more prominent.

A day before on February 25, 2009, Paul Thurrott argued that the company never had any intention of making major changes based on user feedback. and that the feature set of Windows 7 was frozen well before the Beta release.
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