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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AMD Plans 32nm Processors in 2010

AMD's CEO Dirk Meyer stated on Friday, Feb 27, 2009 that the company intends to 'ramp up' 32nm processor production in mid-next year. AMD plans to start shipping 32nm processors by fourth quarter of 2010. AMD plans to finish testing 32nm processors by end of 2009. AMD is lagging behind Intel by 12 months in terms of die-shrink of processors. A mixed blessing for AMD. While AMD can learn from rival Intel's shortcomings in particular processor technology their processors come almost a year late lose out to Intel's processors flourishing the CPU arena.

Carbon nanotubes are molecular-scale tubes of graphitic carbon with outstanding properties. They are among the stiffest and strongest fibres known, and have remarkable electronic properties and many other unique characteristics. Commercial applications have been rather slow to develop, however, primarily because of the high production costs of the best quality nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes have been around since 1991, but were not fully investigated until 10 years later. Now Intel believes they have the potential to solve the problem of producing conductive materials on smaller die. This is because they are a single molecule tube that is very conductive.
Intel 32nm Westmere CPU

The move to 32nm does bring about some benefits for the architecture though, including the ability to support up to 6 cores/12 threads with the Gulftown design as well as the multi-chip packages that allow for integrated graphics on the CPU. The upcoming 5-series of chipsets for this platform will now be a single chip and will include the I/O (SATA, USB, etc) as well as the display output for the processors integrated graphics technology and other minor things like the clock buffer and ME (management engine for vPro). Intel dual-core/four-thread and integrated graphics chip known as "Clarkdale" or "Arrandale" will be introduced in late 2009.

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