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Friday, January 25, 2008

How do i burn a .mkv file to DVD?

Updated 30thMay2009

An MKV file is a Matroska file. Matroska is an open source container format. It is an alternative to the popular AVI and MP4 formats and it also surpasses them in many areas.
Matroska is a container format file that stores multiple streams (video, audio and subtitles)

How do i burn a .mkv file to DVD?

DVDSanta is an All-in-One software that lets you copy, create, convert and burn your DVD movies. It can copy 9GB double layer DVD movies into a 4.7GB DVD-R disc, can turn your photos into DVD movies with Hollywood style motion effects, can convert other video formats(avi,wmv,vob,asf…) into DVD video, can transfer miniDV camcorder tapes directly to DVD video. dvdSanta is extremely easy to use, fast and powerful.
First download & install these supporting softwares:-
1)Matroska pack
2) MKVExtractGUI OR MKVE Wizard
What this software does is it extracts video, audio and
subtitles. all you need is the subtitles with and extension
of .srt

In addition to ensure that dvdSanta can burn your most up-to-date video files onto DVD. You need to have some latest audio and video codecs installed on your PC. If you do have all the codecs you need on your PC, skip this part and read Step 1.
* 1) Install latest Microsoft DirectX 9.
* 2) Install latest Microsoft Windows Media 9.
* 3) Install the latest Official Xvid codec from ClickHere
* 4) Install the latest Official Divx codec from
OR for 3 & 4 Just INSTALL Codec Pack All in
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Now you extracted the subtitlesopen dvd santa 4 -
NOTE: It is VERY important to have the latest DivX/Xvid codecs installed on your PC. Old codec versions may cause problems when encoding the newer video files.

Load the mkv file there and under subtitle choose extracted
subtitle then you're all set.

What are the system requirements for dvdSanta?
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 2000 with DirectX 8.0 or higher.
Pentium Processor or better, Pentium 4 or higher recommended.
256MB RAM or more, 512MB RAM is recommended.
3MB Hard disk space for install.
5GB of Hard Disk Space for Media Files
Windows Media Player 9 or higher
DVD Burner



Mirror Download 1

2)ConvertXtoDVD (See also DVD Flick)
With ConvertXtoDVD, video conversion software, you can convert and burn all your videos and convert Avi to DVD!
Backup and transfer your movies to DVD and enjoy watching them on any home DVD player.

This award-winning divx to dvd video converter software supports most video and audio formats for video conversion (avi, mpg, mov, wmv, mkv, ogm and more) and even handles DVD to DVD copy!

In a single click, the software offers easy and speedy conversion and burning (without the need of avi codec download). ConvertXtoDVD automatically makes DVD menus and chapters, handles advanced subtitle support (SSA, SRT, SUB/IDX) and lets you choose between 4/3 and 16/9. You can also convert video from NTSC to PAL formats along with lots of other useful features.

Download the free video converter evaluation software now and just see for yourself! (this version comes with a watermark on the video output.) Homepage

ConvertXtoDVD: Guides + Manuals
VSO ConvertXtoDVD v3.5+ Guidelines & Recommendations- Link1---Link2

Tip: In settings click "DVD Menus" under DVD Menu tick the following: a) Play titles one after the other b) Skip root menu... c) Play videos after one another d) Don't create title menu for single Title, Under Burning tab specify default DVD label
#Under DVD Menus tab, select at drop down menu for Reduce the text(the size of the font will be reduced)
#)Video Processing tab: Video\ Select "Stretch: Video resized to TV Screen Size(AR might change)"
#)Audio tab: Select "Loud(Level at 89%)"
#) DVD Speculation tab: In DVD Resolution, select: "Full D1(720*480)NTSC or (720*576) PAL" ; in Aspect Ratio, select 16:9 (Wide Screen)
#)Under Burning tab untick Burn result to DVD if you wish to convert and play VOB files in Media Player first to check quality or for compression with DVDShrink and Also Shut down PC when finished option will not be interrupted. (You can burn later manually.) At Action-
Click Shut down PC when finished

Right Click on image to select view of enlarged image on next tab.

Guide: Understanding ConvertXtoDVD v3.00 Interface

Get free DVD menu Templates Bonus (New template added 12/22)

PDF document with Guidelines & Recommendations for ConvertXtoDVD v3.x
updated 2009-03-07

ConvertXtoDVD -

vsoConvertXtoDVD version 3.6.4
Download at Developer Page
Download at Mirror Link
Add-ons for ConverttoDVD 3 series & VSO products
See ĀµTorrent file download
They fixed the conversion speed with this one. Uninstall and delete the convertx folder convertx folder from program files and install new.

Version: 3.4.7 -
Torrent Download
See ĀµTorrent file download

Version: - Released the 29th May 2008 Size: 14.80 MB
Multi Rar Download: VSO ConvertXtoDVD VSO ConvertXtoDVD

* Version: 2.2.3g
* Date: 11-20-2007
* Size: 7.9 MB

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