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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MPlayer for Windows

MPlayer for Windows from MULDER
The award-winning OpenSource media player available for Windows now!

Play back those full videos you have saved as ISO or Image files on your computer.
Play partial imcomplete downloaded video files.

This package contains the latest builds of MPlayer for the Windows platform as well as SMPlayer and MPUI.
Thanks to the award-winning MPlayer engine, more than 192 Video- and 85 Audiocodecs are supported natively!
For maximum performance the package includes optimized MPlayer binaries for various CPU types.
Furthermore the Full-Package includes the Binary Codec Package to enable even more audio/video formats.
Everything in one self-contained download :-)

The Light-Package is a stripped-down version of this package, that includes MPUI and the MPlayer binaries only.

Last Update: 2008-12-11

Download: MPlayer for Windows (Full-Package) Mirrors:,
Download: MPlayer for Windows (Light-Package) Mirrors:,

Download: MPUI Install Script made with Nullsoft Scriptable Install System SVN:
Download: MPUI Source Codes based on MPUI v1.2 by Martin Fiedler SVN:

Discussion about MPlayer for Windows development can be found at Doom9's Forum.


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