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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Compress into smaller good quality movies.

*Download MeGUI which is a useful and one of the most comprehensive GUI based ISO MPEG-4 solution.
*Download AviSynth which was designed to be a very very powerful tool for video post-production. AviSynth as in Wikipedia
*Download Nero AAC Nero Digital is a video format that utilizes the newest video compression technology used by the TV and Movie industry to make your digital video experience better than ever. Nero Digital as in Wikipedia.

1)Install MeGUI allow the program to update to the latest version.
2)Install AviSynth
3)Install Nero ACC executable files in the MeGUI folder which is;C://Program files/meGUI. Restart your PC
4)Start up MeGUI once its loaded press "CTRL+R", That will open "AVISynth Script Creator"
5)Select the source movie you want to encode.
6)Make sure "Resize" Is UNTICKED.
7)Click save and save the script.
8)The AVS file you just made should already be selected if not then select it.
9)If the OUTPUT of the encoded file isn't pre defined define it now.
10)Make sure the Codec is set at "x264"
11)Make sure "MKV" is selected as the file container.
12)Select the original video source as the audio input.
13)If the audio output isn't yet defined define it now.
14)Select "NAAC" in Encoding Settings the audio profile it provides perfect compression to bitrate ratio.
15)Select "MP4-AAC" as the audio extension.
16)Click AutoEncode.
17)Select the container as "MKV"
18)Define your desired output of the encoded movie
19)Make sure the file size radio button is selected, And define the file size as 300MB or 400MB depending on the length of the movie (Try to get the bitrate at 450ish)
20)Select "Queue"
21)Go to the Queue tab once your back on the main MeGUI page and select "Start" down the bottom.Preferable with processor over1,5GHz clock and 512MB of RAM for shorter processing time.

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