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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Convert Matroska (MKV) to DiVX video format

The widely spread notion of AVI being a codec is incorrect as AVI is a container format, which many codecs might use (although not to ISO standard). There are other well-known alternative containers such as Ogg, ASF, QuickTime, RealMedia, Matroska, DivX, MKV, and MP4. A codec is a device or computer program capable of encoding and/or decoding a digital data stream or signal. The word codec is a portmanteau of 'compressor-decompressor' or, most commonly, 'coder-decoder'. MKV compresses codecs into smaller good quality movies.

Do install the latest Matroska codec pack source 1 or Matroska Pack Full source 2 for the mkv splitter filter (recommended) for any methods chosen below.

How to convert MKV to Divx-The Freebies Way

First Way:-
Switch Audio File Converter for Windows (Free Version) See also Pazera Free Audio Extractor
MediaCoder (or another program that converts to divx)

1. MKVtoolnix for most was hard to use cause you have to use it in DOS. However a graphical user interface for MKVEXTRACT(Download Here) is easier to extract the video etc.. from the MKV file. VIA MKVExtract is a great tool programmed by Moritz Bunkus which can extracts tracks, attachments, chapters and tags of any MKV(Matroska) file.
2. Next open MKVExtract. Click browse and open your MKV file then chose where you want to save it. next pick the tracks that you want. "here i pick to have Video, English audio, and subtitle.
3. If you go to the folder where you saved the file at you will see this
4. You have 1 video file, 1 audio, and 1 subtitle file
5. Next open up Switch Audio File Converter.
6. Once you install the software just open the program and the open the file you want converted.
7. You can chose from a mp3 or wav format. Mp3 is preferred because it creates a smaller file size.
8. Then click convert
9. Next use MediaCoder to create the video file to divx. However you can use what you like to create this to divx or for that matter any other format. VCD, SVCD, XIVD, etc..
10. Next pick which ever program your going to do the conversion with open it up and convert the video file. ( Try MediaCoder which is a free audio/video batch transcoder, putting together many excellent audio/video softwares from the open source community into one friendly GUI. On video side, MEncoder, ffmpeg are used as back-end, which provides support for nearly all known video compression and container formats as well as rich and useful video filtering features (e.g. post-processing, 3D de-noise). )
11. After converting the video file all you have to do next is open up AVIMux GUI. AVI-Mux GUI is an application that allows to combine several video, audio or subtitle files into one file. Right click on open files box or just drag the video and audio file (and subtitle if you are going to use them) into it.
12. Next click on the video file you just open and then click on the button called Generate data source from files. Once you do that you will notice that underneath that you will see something appear in video.
13. Click on start and save the file and just sit back and wait.

MKVExtract Batch trick
1. (In MKV Extract GUI) open the source file (from where you want to extract the tracks)
2. In the "Tracks" tab (located at the bottom window in the main screen) You will see a text with the commands for the current job: select all that text and copy it (CTRL+C)
3. Now I open a TXT file in which you PASTE the copied command. At the end of the command line you put a Carriage Return and start with a new line.
4. Repeat this procedure for all of the files you want to extract (the commands will be one after another in the TXT file.
5. Now select all the text in the TXT file and copy it in the clipboard (CTRL+C)
6. Open a DOS window (Start -> Run... -> CMD), change dir to the folder where is MKVToolnix
7. Now PASTE (mouse right-click -> paste) the copied text and let the batch work.

Second Way:-
This project is a tool to convert especially ogm and mkv files to avi, with subtitle and audio track selection, video resizing, bitrate selection and codec selection. It is centered around mencoder, with a commandline tool as well as a GUI for Windows. AlltoAvi is a great program to convert anything to avi. Their purpose, anything you can playback, anything you can convert. Most people wants to convert from OGM, MKV to xVid or Divx so they can view it using their divx player. You can als use the program to convert movies to your Sony PSP (just save as a MPEG4 file and rename it to 'mpg'). It does provide you the options you want, selecting your audio stream, subtitle's and bitrates in a synoptic way. Though you can convert your video file in just a few clicks

Download the alltoavi Win32 package.

More in How to convert MKV to Divx-
MKV to DIVX Conversion Steps in utilising 2 programs in converting MKV-VOB-DIVX

Utilising ConvertXtoDVD program.
To add in 5 or more video file in total (to reduce additional time taken to rejoin split files) otherwise a whole video file is split to a few segments/tracks(VTS-01-1.VOB, VTS-01-2.VOB, VTS-01-1.VOB,). Nevertheless Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate is able to output all split clips into one file(or one set of files) in the second conversion process.
a) Under Create Chapter tab untick all selection so as not to create any Chapters.
b)Under DVD Menus tab, select at drop down menu for Reduce the text(the size of the font will be reduced)
c)Video Processing tab: Video\ Select "Stretch: Video resized to TV Screen Size(AR might change)"
d)Audio tab: Select "Loud(Level at 89%)"
e) DVD Speculation tab: In DVD Resolution, select: "Full D1(720*480)NTSC or (720*576) PAL" ; in Aspect Ratio, select 16:9 (Wide Screen)
f)Under Burning tab untick Burn result to DVD as we have no intention of such but for intermediate conversion process and also Shut down PC when finished option will not be interrupted. Action
Click Shut down PC when finished
Recommended to leave the remaining configurations to as it is(Default)

2) Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate is needed for the complete conversion.
{If you prefer use instead freeware avi.NET avi.NET allows you to convert a dvd movie, MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (DVD, HDTV, SVCD) media file to an AVI movie file. For their size, AVI files can be excellent quality and you can fit between three and six good quality movies on a single dvdr disk. avi.NET also allows you to select different audio tracks if you require and even choose subtitles to encode into the AVI file. avi.NET allows you to encode an AVI using the latest versions of either the DivX codec or XviD codec. }

Go to ConvertXtoDVD destination folder for the converted VOB files.
Open Video-TS folder
Delete all small file(None Video Files) usually not more than 1 mb. You require only the VOB files like VTS-01-1.VOB, VTS-01-2.VOB, VTS-01-1.VOB, VTS-02-1.VOB, VTS-03-1.VOB so on. To add substitles here in Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate(Not Recommended for they turned out to be oversized), make sure the substitles are added to its intended video format. You need a DIVX subtitle for DIVX video format. See Adding and Editing Subtitle If substitle is required please see AutoGK.

External Links:
How to add permanent subtitles with AutoGK and convert to AVI DivX or XviD

With AutoGK can you easily add permanent / embedded / hard coded / burned in subtitles into a video file and convert it to AVI DivX or XviD. AutoGK supports AVI, MPG, DVD, TS input video files and srt, ssa, sub, vobsub idx/sub subtitle formats.
Select the Input File
Press CTRL-F8 on your keyboard to bring up the subtitle load
Select the External subs (If you don't have the subs in correct format or if you would like to write the subs use Subtitle Workshop)
Set the Output file
Set the Output size
Click Advanced Options to change between XviD Codec or DivX Codec
Click Add Job
Click Start!
AutoGK will now run some tools in the background like VirtualdubMOD. Don't close it. Wait until it's done.

Add in the VOB files into Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate interface.

To click and set Video size: Normal & Audio Size: Normal for each and every video files.

Click Convert

Finally just burn files into a DVD ROM as data with your favourite burner to view in DIVX compatible players.

ConvertXtoDVD Version: award-winning divx to dvd video converter software supports most video and audio formats for video conversion (avi, mpg, mov, wmv, mkv, ogm and more) and even handles DVD to DVD copy!

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate
Convert video to video/audio/picture, extract audio/pictures from video with rich editing functions. v5.1.21.0220 15.5 MB

Other Methods & Results

All to AVI VCD SVCD DVD Converter HomePage
Download Direct Link AllToAVI v4 r5394
Download Torrent Link AllToAVI v4 r5394
All to AVI VCD SVCD DVD MPEG Converter is super software for converting video to AVI DVD VCD SVCD MPEG. The professional edition also supports burning VCD.
MKV to AVI Converter Homepage

Download Torrent Link
Download Link 2 MKV to AVI Converter v3.1

MKV To AVI With Subtitle 1.01

MKV To AVI With Subtitle can convert mkv with subtitle to avi file. It can recompress mkv file to avi with flexible video compressor and audio compressor such as DivX or XviD, multiplex or mux mkv and its subtitle together, select audio stream or track in the mkv file.

Download Direct Link

It can convert other video formats MPEG, MPG, ASF, WMV, VCD, DAT to avi file also. In order to use MKV To AVI With Subtitle you need to install extra MKV codecs.

MKV TO AVI CONVERTER can convert mkv to avi, mkv to divx, mkv to xvid format. MKV to AVI converter is also an MKV converter, splitter, editor and player. It changes the frame size, frame rate, video compression codec and audio compression codec.

WinAVI iPod PSP 3GP MP4 Video Converter HomePage
Download Direct Link
WinAVI iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Video Converter is software for MP4/3GP file conversion of portable video device such as iPod/PSP, It can convert almost all video formats, for e.g., DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI to iPod/PSP or other portable video device, MP4 player or smart phone. It has an unmatchable speed and high quality. And it supports transport your video files to your iPod/PSP directly.


Select MP4 option
Add your files
Select output directory ( You may choose the same place where the MKV file is )
Click Advanced tab
Under Encode make sure "source aspect ratio" is AUTO
Under MP4 tab
Check the "keep original size" circle
Check the "keep original frame rate" circle
Change the video bitrate, the audio sample rate and the audio bitrate to the maximum settings ((( this way you will get the same quality output as the original MKV file was )))
then click OK
then on the main page click OK to convert your files. You can view them on Windows Media Player, Nero Player and Burn them to DVD with Nero.

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