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Monday, March 23, 2009

Repeat file-swapper offenders will be disconnected from the 'Net' in Ireland

The music industry has Ireland's largest ISPs, Eircom to take action on file-swappers by issuing users two warnings regarding file-sharing, and a third violation will disconnect its users based on IP addresses provided by the music industry's investigators. The deal keeps the music industry from gaining direct access to subscriber data or to ISP networks.Investigators use common tools to observe file-sharing, then log the IP addresses in question (those that belong to Eircom, at least) and pass them to the ISP. The music industry hands over its evidence, Eircom evaluates it, and a decision is made. Eircom may be the only ISP in the world voluntarily cutting P2P users off without court orders.

This sanction results from the Irish branches of EMI, Warner, Universal, and Sony who filed suit against Eircom some time ago . They charged that the ISP was essentially aiding and abetting piracy by doing things like advertising its services on The Pirate Bay, and the labels believed they could get a judge to force the ISP to install network monitoring equipment. It's not clear if the "graduated response" program—complete with disconnections process provides some form of appeal or defense for users.


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