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Monday, July 7, 2008


DVDShrink is software to backup DVD discs. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc.

DVDShrink will also burn your backup DVD if you already possess a burning software. The output from DVDShrink can be saved as image files on your hard drive, which you can then burn with software of your choice.

You can make copy of compressed DVD of several videos in one easily.
DVDShrink is free software. You should never pay for DVDShrink.
How to copy multiple DVD movies to 1 DVDR with DVD Shrink

Re-author with DVD Shrink

DVD shrink allows you to author your own basic DVD. It allows you to take parts from multiple DVD's and put them on one DVD. The program is quite easy to understand at first glance. There is the DVD Structure area that will allow you to select titles and menus . When you have selected them you will see the compression settings for them appear. It will include all the audio tracks and subtitle streams and allows you to simple untick whichever ones you don't want. The Preview pane in the bottom left hand corner then can play any selected title. If it has multiple audio streams you can right click on the preview pane while it is playing and change to another audio stream. However we are not trying to backup a Full Disc.

Select the Re-author option

You can select two main options with DVD Shrink, Full Disc or Re-author. Click the Re-author button for this guide.

Locate your DVD files

After you click the Re-author button you will see Compression Settings and a DVD Browser appear. Firstly, use the DVD browser to locate the folder on your HDD that contains the first of your ripped DVD's.

Select what you want

After you open a folder with DVD files in it with the DVD browser, DVD Shrink will list all the VTS on the Disc, the Movies and the Extras. You can preview any of these if you want to keep them. I will be just selecting the movie. Right-click whatever you want on your DVD and click Add. When you have done this use the DVD browser to find where you ripped your second DVD to and open it. Select whatever content you want and add it. You will see anything that you added appear in the DVD Structure.

The Compression Settings

After you have added all you want to be on your resulting DVD, click the Compression Settings tab. As you can see, you can get rid of audio streams and subtitles which you really should do, as you will need every little bit of space you can get to keep any sort of good quality. You can also save space if you right click on a Title and click Set Start/End Frames, and set a start frame after any unwanted opening credits and setting an end frame before the credits at the end of the movie.

Create the DVD

Click the Backup button on DVD Shrink when you have finished with your Compression Settings. There are just a few more settings now before we can create the DVD.

Target Device

In our case, our Target Device will be another folder to put the DVD files in until we burn them with nero. Change Select backup target to Hard Disk Folder . Now below this you will need to specify a path to a folder you wish to save the files in. You can do this easily by clicking the browse button and locating the folder with a file browser. Always make sure that Create VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS subfolders is ticked.

Quality Settings

Click the Quality settings tab. For this type of DVD that will require heavy compression, you should definitely select Perform deep analysis before backup to improve quality . This means the process will take longer but you will need to select it to make sure the quality of your DVD isn't too low. DVD Shrink also offers Quality Enhancements but in the case of retail DVD's these won't help very much.

Begin Process

Begin the process by clicking the OK button. The time it will take to create your files depends on the length of the files and the speed of your computer.


DVD Shrink - DVD Ripping and Backup
Latest OFFICIAL Version -
Operating System Support - Windows 9x/2000/XP
License - Freeware

Official Site


TIP in putting several movies(tested 8 hours) in one 4.7GB DVDR 2hours disc with satisfactory quality: Use VSO ConvertXtoDVD first to covert your videos to DVD
Utilising ConvertXtoDVD program.

In settings click "DVD Menus" under DVD Menu tick the following: a) Play titles one after the other b) Skip root menu... c) Play videos after one another d) Don't create title menu for single Title, Under Burning tab specify default DVD label

a) Under Create Chapter tab untick all selection so as not to create any Chapters.
b)Under DVD Menus tab, select at drop down menu for Reduce the text(the size of the font will be reduced)
c)Video Processing tab: Video\ Select "Stretch: Video resized to TV Screen Size(AR might change)"
d)Audio tab: Select "Loud(Level at 89%)"
e) DVD Speculation tab: In DVD Resolution, select: "Full D1(720*480)NTSC or (720*576) PAL" ; in Aspect Ratio, select 16:9 (Wide Screen)
f)Under Burning tab untick "Burn result to DVD" as we have no intention of such but for intermediate conversion process and also Shut down PC when finished option will not be interrupted. Or if you wish to convert and play VOB files in Media Player first to check quality before burning to disc. Action tab:
Click Shut down PC when finished

In ConvertXtoDVD import video files for conversion. If Conversion Result is shown to be "Low Quality", proceed to Setting\General\Encoding to change the "Default DVD5(4300mb)". Click Drop down arrow for custom and set 6500mb and 500mb in succession until Conversion Result is shown to be "Good Quality". Then click "Convert"

In DVDShrink-Full Disc Backup, click open files and browse to the ConvertXtoDVD converted movie folder. It will automatically import all the Video files into DVDshrink interface.(Set at Preferences) Leave the compression setting to default at "Automatic". The backup result should not exceed the 4.7 Gb for single layer DVDR disc (Set at Preferences for DVD-5(4.7GB). If over 4.7 Gb it will issue a warning and you should redo the ConvertXtoDVD conversion stage with one video file less. If it does not exceed 4.7 Gb it is ready to continue.
Then use DVDShrink [Set configuration to Perform Deep Analysis Before Backup To Improve Quality and also Compress Video with High Quality] to backup the converted video in ConvertXtoDVD folder to ISO image file. (Back Up tab for ISO image file selection. You may then unpack the ISO with winrar to play the VOB video files to check the quality before burning. See ImgBurn to burn image to DVDR. Also In ConvertXtoDVD if Conversion Result is shown to be "Low Quality" at encoding "Default DVD5(4300mb)" you may convert and burn from ConvertXtoDVD itself without recrompressing with DVDshrink though the end result would be of lesser quality.

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