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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chess Flash Game


Want to learn how to play chess? Want to learn how to play a bit better? Here are some fairly easy "lessons." Those relatively new to chess should play though the introduction to chess and the section on chess strategy just below.

Feel free to explore the site. By clicking on the links just below, you'll be able to learn about chess tactics, chess openings, and even view some of the greatest chess games ever played!

Basic Rook Strategy

Basic Knight Strategy

Basic Bishop Strategy

Basic Pawn Strategy

Five Steps to Victory

Play chess against J-Chess!. Don't get discouraged if you lose! Remember, we don't race against motorcycles, and in the weight lifting events, we don't compete against fork lifts!

Some other chess sites

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Help start the discussions at the new Chess is Fun Message Board

About Jon Edwards

Jon has just become the 10th United States Correspondence Chess Champion. He began playing correspondence chess (ie, through the mail) in 1986. His correspondence chess rating of 2470 is the highest ever obtained in APCT (American Postal Chess Tournaments) history. Jon also plays within the ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation) and represents the United States on its National Team. He is currently competing in the 11th United States Championship, in the 1992 APCT championship final, in the 8th North American Invitational Correspondence Chess Championship, and he is representing the United States in matches against Israel and Latvia. His victory in the US Championship gives him a berth in the forthcoming World Correspondence Chess 1/2 final.

For more information about playing correspondence chess, you can contact the APCT at:

Box 305
Western Springs, IL 60558
or call: (708) 663-0688

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