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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Economist Series

The Economist is a weekly news and international affairs publication owned by “The Economist Newspaper Ltd” and edited in London, UK. It has been in continuous publication since September 1843. Although printed in London, in the USA (where it is largely sold) this publication is reputed to be the best in its field.

Continue at The Economies Series 2 for May 30th 2009 edition onwards.

* Print edition May 23rd 2009
Good news from India
The voters of the world's
biggest democracy have given
their government a precious
second chance.

* Print edition May 16th 2009
Three trillion dollars later
There is no single big remedy
for the banks' flaws. But better
rules—and more capital—could

* Print edition May 9th 2009
Europe's economies
A new pecking order

* Print edition May 2nd 2009
The pandemic threat
How scared should you be?

* Print edition April 25th 2009
A glimmer of hope?
The worst thing for the world economy would be
to assume the worst is over:

* Print edition April 18th 2009
Africa's next Big Man
If Jacob Zuma avoids becoming a caricature of African leadership, he could
change the whole continent for the better:

* Print edition April 11th 2009
A concern without thermonuclear weapons
A nuclear-free concern haw never become about, but there crapper be country in trying:

* Print edition April 4th 2009
Under attack
Going for the bankers is tempting for politicians?and dangerous for everybody else

* Print edition March 28th 2009
Learning the hard way Barack Obama may at last be getting a grip. But he still
needs to show moreleadership, at home and abroad.

* Print edition March 21st 2009
How China sees the world
And how the world should see

* Print edition March 14th 2009
The jobs crisis
It's coming, whatever governments do; but they can make it better or worse.

* Print edition March 07th 2009
How to stop the drug wars
Prohibition has failed; legalisation is the least bad solution.

* Print edition February 28th 2009
The bill that could break up Europe
If eastern Europe goes down, it may take the European Union with it.

* Print edition February 21st 2009
The collapse of manufacturing
The financial crisis has created an industrial crisis. What should governments do about it?
Extra: Audio Section: 1) The world this week - Politics
2) The world this week - Business

* Print edition February 14th 2009
To the rescue: The trouble with Obama's plan.
This week marked a huge wasted opportunity in the economic crisis.
Extra: Audio Section: 1) The world this week - Politics
2) The world this week - Business

* Print edition February 07th 2009
The return of economic nationalism
A spectre is rising. To bury it again, Barack Obama needs to take the lead.

* Print edition January 24th 2009
Inside the banks
Blank cheques, bankruptcy,nationalisation: the options
are dire, but governments must choose between them.

* Print edition January 17th 2009
Renewing America
George Bush has left a dismal legacy, but Barack Obama can
do much to repair the damage.

* Print edition January 10th 2009
The hundred years' war
How growing rejectionism, the rise of religion, a new military doctrine and a new cold war keep peace at bay.

* Print edition January 3rd 2009
Gaza: the rights and wrongs
Israel was provoked, but as in Lebanon in 2006 it may find this war a hard one to end, or to justify.

* Print edition December 20th 2008
Why we love music
Biologists are addressing one of humanity's strangest attributes, its all-singing, all-dancing culture.

* Print edition December 13th 2008
China and India
Asia's two big beasts are shivering. India's economy is weaker, but China's leaders
have more to fear.

* Print edition November 29th 2008
Terror in India
A dangerous new front-line in the global war against terrorism.

* Print edition November 22nd 2008
All you need is cash.
The increasingly desperate search for the stuff is changing modern management—not
always for the better.

* Print edition November 15th 2008
Redesigning global finance.
Government leaders cannot rewrite the rules this weekend. But they can still do some
useful things.

* Print edition November 8th 2008
Great expectations Barack Obama has won a famous victory. Now he must use it wisely.

* Print edition November 1st 2008
It's time America should take a chance and make Barack Obama the next leader of the free world.

* Print edition October 25th 2008
Into the storm
How the emerging world copes with the tempest will affect the world economy and politics for a long time.

* Print edition October 18th 2008
Capitalism at bay
What went wrong and, rather more importantly for the future, what did not.

* Print edition October 11th 2008
Saving the system
At last a glimmer of hope, but more boldness is needed to
avert a global economic catastrophe.

* Print edition October 4th 2008
World on the edge
Whatever happens in Congress, the crisis is now global; that means governments must work together.

* Print edition September 27th 2008
I want your money
No government bail-out of the banking system was ever going to be pretty. This one
deserves support.

* Print edition September 20th 2008
What next?
Global finance is being torn apart: it can be put together again.

* Print edition September 13th 2008
Cancer and stem cells
A theory linking cancer to stem cells offers hope; it also shows the value of general scientific research.

* Print edition September 6th 2008
Europe stands up to Russia
The European Union has wobbled woefully, but Russia too will eventually lose from its Georgian adventure.

* Print Edition August 30th 2008
Bring back the real McCain
The Republican candidate is fighting hard, but he needs to do more to separate himself from George Bush

* Print Edition August 23rd 2008
The hard road ahead
Barack Obama still has a lot todo

* Print Edition August 16th 2008 Russia Resurgent
The war in Georgia is a victory for Russia. The West's optionsare limited, but it needs topursue them firmly.

* Print Edition August 9th 2008 Speaking truth to power
Alexander Solzhenitsyn's example—and the heirs who failed him.

* Print Edition August 2nd 2008China's dash for freedom
China's rise is a cause for celebration—but despite the Beijing Olympics, not
because of them.

* Print Edition July 26th 2008Unhappy America
If America can learn from its problems, instead of blaming others, it will come back

* Print Edition July 19th 2008Twin twisters
The financial crisis claims another two victims—and once again the taxpayer picks up
the pieces

* Print Edition July 12th 2008Club Med
The Mediterranean, north and south, is forming a single economic unit. Europe should
make it a powerful one

* Print Edition July 5th 2008What a way to run the world.
Global institutions an outdated muddle; the rise of Asia makes their reform a priority for the West

* Print Edition June 28th 2008The meaning of Bill Gates.
As Bill Gates' reign at Microsoft comes to an end, so does the era he dominated

* Print Edition June 21st 2008The future of energy.
A fundamental change is coming sooner than you might think: leader

* Print Edition June 14th 2008Iraq starts to fix itself.
The gains are fragile, but Iraq is doing a lot better than it was only a few months ago.

* Print Edition June 7th 2008America at its best.
The primaries have left the United States with a decent choice; now it needs a proper debate about policies.

* Print Edition May 31st 2008Recoil. Painful though it is, this oil shock will eventually spur enormous change. Until then, beware the hunt for scapegoats

* Print Edition May 24th 2008Inflation's back...but not where you think
Double-digit price rises are about to afflict two-thirds of the world's population

Print Edition May 17th 2008 Barbarians at the vault Western finance is under attack. Yet the banking system has done much better than itis given credit for

* Print Edition May 10th2008On the cover Barack Obama deserves the nomination;
it is not yet clear whether he deserves the presidency

*Print Edition May 3rd 2008 On the cover: The recent glimpses of a resentful, snarling China should scare the country's government as much as the world

*Print Edition April 26th 2008 On the cover: The Gulf countries are
managing their wealth better during this oil boom than they did during the last one:

*Print Edition April 19th 2008 On the cover: Why food is in crisis—and what
to do about it:

*Print Edition April 12th 2008 On the cover: America's recession may not
be as severe as many fear, but the recovery could take longer—and that is dangerous:

*Print Edition April 5th 2008 On the cover: Fixing finance-Crises are endemic to financial systems. Attempts to regulate them away may do more harm than good:
*Print Edition March 29th 2008 On the cover: All Change?-Whether it is Clinton, McCain or Obama, the world will still quarrel with America:
*Print Edition March 22th 2008 On the cover: Wall Street-
What went wrong in the financial system—and the long, hard task of fixing it:

* Print Edition March 15th 2008 On the cover: The New Colonialists- China's hunger for natural resources is causing more problems at home than abroad:
*Print Edition March 8th 2008 On the cover: What's holding India Back-India's achievement is at risk because it has failed to reform its public sector:
* Print Edition March 1st 2008 On the cover: The Trouble with Russia's Economy- Russia's new president, Dmitry Medvedev, faces an unpalatable legacy:

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