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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nimzy Vibro Blaster the portable speaker

The amazing new Nimzy Vibro Blaster turns any flat surface into a speaker. Hear to believe!
So compact and portable, this amazing small wonder, turns any flat surface into a speaker! With Nimzy Vibro Blaster, bulky speakers become a thing of the past.

Utilizing a patented electro acoustic technology, Nimzy Vibro Blaster transforms sonic signals into sonic mechanical vibrations to produce sound. Boasting better sound quality, it transmits clear sound or music through any flat object, be it wood, stone, plastic or glass.

Attach it to your laptop, MP3 player or any audio devices, Nimzy Vibro Blaster serves as an alternative to earphones or conventional speakers whereby quality of sound is often dependent on the size of speakers.

Portability.Stick the sucker onto a window, wall, anything flat, and then the Vibro Blaster supposedly rocks the object into musical nirvana. works well with a variety of MP3 players (it makes the perfect partner to the SanDisk e260, especially in black) as well as laptops and it just works well whatever you throw at it.

Its frequency response is 220-10,000 Hz, which is not exactly high fidelity, but might sound good enough to listen to talk radio. You can get much better sound from traditional fixed speakers at a lot less money.


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