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Thursday, March 27, 2008

FlashPoint ShareDrive

USB flash drives are a new wave in portable data storage. ShareDrives takes this technology one step further…….data on FlashPoint pen Drives can be copied from one pen drive to another. With the ShareDrives technology a user does not need a computer, laptop or palm computer to copy files on the go. Upload and download files and folders from a thumbdrive to a ShareDrive. Unlike existing pen drives, ShareDrives do have a battery integrated inside…….this provides the power to transfer data from one ShareDrive to another ….but it is an extremely small battery which occupies virtually no room in the pen drive.

SharePlayersThe enhanced FlashPoint SharePlayer can be used for MP3 audio books, and for many other applications as class assignments, legal documents or in the process of learning a foreign language.

With the MP3 SharePlayer by Xmultiple, the user connects their device directly to another users MP3 Player without the need for a PC. The MP3 SharePlayer has components no other MP3 possesses. Now, as never before, a user can upload and download songs straight form the MP3 Player to another MP3 Player without a computer or electrical outlet.

Attach ShareDrives/SharePlayers to digital camera's and cellphones which are USB enabled. ShareDrives work With All types of USB Devices

The FlashPoint not only has the capabilities to down-load to another flash drive. It can also be used to transfer (dump) files from a host of peripheral products, one being digital cameras. If you are at the maximum capacity of your cameras memory, just plug the FlashPoint into the camera and hit the transfer button. All files would be down-loaded (dumped) into the FlashPoint. This gives the user the flexibility to do whatever is needed with these files using a standard USB connection.The Motorola E680 cellphone has a USB inteface and can be directly attached and used with FlashPoint ShareDrives. View your pictures on the E680 and then download them onto a FlashPoint ShareDrive via a USB connector. No need for a PC and no need for an electrical outlet.

Possible Applications:

- The ability to exchange MP3 files with other MP3 players.
- Copy photos from your digital camera's USB port. Freeing up camera memory needed.
- Download pictures/data from a USB enabled cell phone.
- Transfer files between the FlashPoint SharePlayer and another USB flash or micro memory drive via the FlashPoint's connectivity, all without the aid of a computer.
- View which files you wish to transfer from the SharePlayer or you wish to copy from another drive. All transfer information seen through the SharePlayer's LCD screen using our SOTG technology.
- Supports MP3 & WMA file formats.
- Supports e-books. Book mark your chapter or page for later listening.
- Solid state, NAND flash memory (no HDD crashing or power issues.)
- Built-in FM receiver.
- Record FM broadcasts.
- Re-charging of its lithium battery through a standard USB connection.
- Combination of MP3 Player, USB Bridge and Flash Memory drive, all rolled up into one.
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