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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FLV Player

FLV Player is a standalone utility to play Adobe Flash Video (FLV and H.264 / MPEG-4) files with.Youtube videos are an example of FLV file. FLV Player is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista, supports both local and internet streaming content, has full screen mode and, best of all, it is free! Download Here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I open a file in FLV Player? - There’s a number of ways to open a file in FLV Player:
1. Press [CTRL-O]
2. Press [CTRL-V] to paste an URL to a remote file or stream
3. Click the ‘eject’ button below the play button
4. Drag and drop a file onto the FLV Player window
2. Can I open multiple file with FLV Player? - Yes, just drag and drop a number of files onto an the FLV Player window. Each file will then be opened in a separate window.
3. What keyboard shortcuts does FLV Player support? - FLV Player supports the following keyboard shortcuts:
1. [SPACE] - toggle play/pause
2. [CTRL-.] - zoom to 50%
3. [CTRL-1] - zoom to 100%
4. [CTRL-2] - zoom to 200%
5. [CTRL-ENTER] - toggle full screen mode
6. [ESC] - return from full screen mode
7. [CTRL-O] - open file…
8. [CTRL-I] - show info (meta data sheet)
9. [CTRL-V] - paste and play URL
10. [CTRL-W] - close window
11. [LEFT-ARROW] - jump 5 seconds backward
12. [RIGHT-ARROW] - jump 5 seconds forward
4. When I enter full screen-mode, I cannot go back to normal mode! - This seems to be a problem that is related to mProjector, the tool I use to create FLV Player with. other symptoms are (very) choppy video and/or stuttering audio. If this new version of FLV Player is giving you troubles, you can try reverting to the previous version. I have notified Screentime, the creator of mProjector (the tool I use to convert my Flash file into a Windows standalone executable) of this issue, I hope they are able to fix this soon!
You can also try the following fix, posted by one of my blog visitors:
1 - Close FLV Player.
2 - Find the executable file FLVPLAYER.EXE (should be in C:\Program Files\FLVPlayer) and right click on it.
3 - Select PROPERTIES, COMPATIBLITY, and check Run this program in compatibility mode.
4 - Then choose WINDOWS 2000.
5 - Start FLV Player.
5. Is there a Mac version of FLV Player available? - No, for Mac users I highly recommend the excellent free Quicktime component Perian . Perian allows you to play FLV files (amongst other formats) within the Quicktime player on your Mac.

Changelog (as of version 2.0.25)

1. 2.0.24 - Added H.264 (MPEG-4) playback support and fixed a bug where the duration of videos longer than 1 hour wasn’t displayed correctly.

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