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Friday, March 21, 2008

E-Mail Icon Generator

Create an image of your Gmail address to minimize spam exposure

The Bottom Line
E-Mail Icon Generator turns your plain and ordinary email address into a sweet
and stylish email badge using the appropriate logo for your email service (Gmail,
Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL and many others are supported). Perfect for use on blogs
and forums, you cannot customize your E-Mail Icon Generator icon, and it would
be nice if E-Mail Icon Generator would offer mailto: link enciphering, too.

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* E-Mail Icon Generator lets you create a nice and appropriate looking badge
with your email address
* You can use your E-Mail Icon Generator-generated icon on web sites, blogs,
forums, or even in emails
* E-Mail Icon Generator supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and other
popular domains
* E-Mail Icon Generator icons cannot be customized
* You cannot use your own logo with E-Mail Icon Generator
* E-Mail Icon Generator does not offer mailto: link enciphering to prevent spam

* E-Mail Icon Generator lets you create a badge with your email address.
* The icon can be used to link to your email address on web sites, blogs and
forums, for example.
* E-Mail Icon Generator supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL address
and a few other domains.
* You can download your own copy or use an icon generated by E-Mail Icon
Generator as it is used.
* Use only the icon (and no mailto: link) to prevent spammers from collecting
your address.

Guide Review - E-Mail Icon Generator
Nothing is wrong with an email address like this: But
next to a cool email address badge easily crated with E-Mail Icon Generator its
crude and honest textual allure does not compare favorably. The E-Mail Icon
Generator icon is stylish and easily legible, plus it uses a color scheme and the
logo appropriate for your email service or domain. If you have a Gmail address, the
Gmail logo is used, Hotmail users get a hot blue Hotmail badge, and so on.
Unfortunately, while the major email services are supported, by no means
everybody will be able to get a happy E-Mail Icon Generator icon for their address.
People who use their own domain are out of luck entirely, as E-Mail Icon
Generator does not offer ways to customize icons or use your own graphics. And
if you do create an image for linking your email address, it would be great if E-Mail
Icon Generator could create a corresponding mailto: link that uses some
JavaScript and hexadecimal encoding magic to prevent the email address from
being picked up by spammers.

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