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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nimzy Vibro MAX

Nimzy Vibro MAX
It succeeds the Vibro Blaster by offering more power (claiming 20W RMS instead of 15) and a supplied remote control that includes bass and treble adjustment and a loudness setting.

Digital Info Technology (DIT) debuts the new & powerful Nimzy Vibro MAX that transform flat surface into a speaker. Be amazed!

Place the innocent looking cube on flat surface and be amazed at what it can do! Connected to any sound source, the Nimzy Vibro MAX turns the flat surface into a speaker.

Designed to go beyond conventional speaker technology, the Nimzy Vibro MAX uses an advance patented electro acoustic technology, projecting audio vibrations on to solid surface to produce sound. Crystal clear sound is produced through hard surface like wood, plastic or glass.

Integrating digital amplifier, volume control and on/off buttons all in one tiny cube, the Nimzy Vibro MAX is more powerful than any of its precedent. It comes with a handy slim remote control with adjustable bass, treble and volume.

Exuding an air of elegance, Nimzy Virbo MAX is aluminum alloy encrusted and is available in piano black.

The Technology Behind

Nimzy Vibro Max is composed of Giant Magnetostrictive material which is an alloy mainly composed of terbium, dysprosium and pure iron. It has the ability to generate great magnetostrictive force as they expand and contract under a magnetic field. When a magnetic field is applied, it provides proportional and repetitive expansion in microseconds.

When placed on hard surface such as wood, glass, plastic or acrylic, it projects the vibration to the surface to produce TRUE sound in any frequency.

It's quite amazing how effective it is. If you were to place it on one side of a desk and rest your ear close to the other end it would sound like you're pressing your head against a giant speaker. It's only when you lift the Vibro Max off the surface that you realise how much work it's doing as sound is reduced to a quiet, tinny rattle. There's a distinct 'wow' factor, then, in the capabilities of the device as an innovative new technology, but once the initial excitement has subsided you're going to need good quality sound to do justice to your audio.

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