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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Economist Series 2

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* Latest Entry updated at 31 Oct-09
for The Economist Print edition August 1 to October 31st. The Economist is a weekly news and international affairs publication owned by “The Economist Newspaper Ltd” and edited in London, UK. It has been in continuous publication since September 1843. Although printed in London, in the USA (where it is largely sold) this publication is reputed to be the best in its field.

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*Print edition October 31st
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Falling Fertility
How the population problem is solving itself

*Print edition October 24th
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
The Odd Couple
A 14-page special report on China and America

*Print edition October 17th 2009
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Obama's War
Why Afghanistan needs more troops

*Print edition October 10th 2009
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Eight wasted years. Two useless treaties. Three no votes.
Ignored by China and America. But still the world's biggest economy.
Will somebody please.....
Wake Europe Up!!

*Print editionOctober 3rd 2009
After the storm
The new economic landscape
will be grim unless
policymakers act to foster

*Print edition September 26th 2009
The power of mobile money
Mobile phones have
transformed lives in the poor
world. Mobile money could
have just as big an impact.

*Print edition September 19th 2009
A protectionist move that is
bad politics, bad economics,
bad diplomacy and hurts
America. Did we miss

*Print edition September 12th 2009
Wall Street
Wall Street and the City of
London survived thanks to
state support. Now they need
to be weaned off it.

*Print edition 5th September 2009
The vote that changed
The electorate has thrown
out not just a party but a
whole system.

*Print edition August 29th 2009
Big is back
Corporate giants were on the
defensive for decades. Now
they have the advantage

*Print edition August 22nd 2009
To stop the country sliding out
of control, the West needs
more men and a better
strategy: leader.

*Print edition August 15th 2009
Asia's astonishing rebound
Asia's emerging economies are
leading the way out of
recession; now they must
make their recovery last.

*Print edition August 8th 2009
America's unjust sex laws
An ever harsher approach is
doing more harm than good,
but it is being copied around
the world.

*Print edition August 1st 2009
Crunch time
The next few weeks could
determine the fate of Barack
Obama's presidency.

*Print edition July 25th 2009
Waking from its sleep
A quiet revolution has begun
in the Arab world; it will be
complete only when the last
failed dictatorship is voted out

*Print edition July 18th 2009
What went wrong with economics
And how the discipline should
change to avoid the mistakes
of the past

* Print edition July 11th 2009
America's future
An intriguing, much more
equal rivalry out West. But
both California and Texas can
learn from each other

* Print edition July 4th 2009
Welcome to Moscow
Paranoid, mischievous and
heading in the wrong direction,
Russia is an awkward prospect
for Barack Obama.

* Print edition June 27th 2009
This is going to hurt
Barack Obama was elected in
part to fix America's health-
care system. Now is the time
for him to keep his word.

* Print edition June 20th 2009
Iran rises up
It looks increasingly as though
the government will have to
crack down or back down.

* Print edition June 13th 2009
The right and wrong ways to
deal with the rich world's fiscal

* Print edition June 6th 2009
The lessons for America and the car industry from the biggest industrial collaspe ever.
The sorry tale of General Motors. The plight of blue-collar America.

* Print edition May 30th 2009
Business in America
In his zeal to fix capitalism,
Barack Obama must not stifle
America's dynamism.

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