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Friday, June 19, 2009

How to Import Firefox Bookmarks into Safari 4 Beta in Windows

Safari 4 beta has no option to import bookmarks from IE or Firefox during the installation process.

Easy way to import Firefox bookmarks into the Safari 4 beta:

In Firefox:

Click on Bookmarks
Click on ‘Organize Bookmarks’ (Ctrl-Shift-B)
Click on ‘Export HTML…’ under the ‘Import and Backup’ pull-down menu

Firefox will generate a ‘bookmarks.html’ file and ask you where to save it
Save it to the Desktop
In Safari 4 Beta:

If your menu bar is hidden, click on the ‘preferences cog’ on the top right and select ‘Show Menu Bar’
Click File
Click ‘Import Bookmarks…’
Select the ‘bookmarks.html’ file from your Desktop
The Firefox bookmarks will then import into Safari
Click on the ‘Bookmarks’ icon on the top left of Safari to see the imported bookmarks. They will listed under the heading called ‘imported [date]’ where date is the date you imported them on. You can rename this as you see fit.

The Firefox bookmark toolbar imported is however at the bottom of your imported bookmarks list under the heading ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’. You can drag and drop each item in the ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ heading to Safari’s bookmark toolbar. This works for individual links as well as bookmark folders. This import process will be static & manual until xmarks comes out with a Safari 4 plugin for Windows for the imported bookmarks.

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