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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

FireTorrent extension for Firefox

BitTorrent in your browser
FireTorrent is a BitTorrent extension for Firefox

You can now download torrent files using Firefox if you have the extension installed. Meaning you can avoid installing and using BitTorrent clients such as Azureus, uTorrent, BitComet and etc..

FireTorrent is the world's first BitTorrent plugin for the Wyzo and Firefox web browsers. Suitable for novice and advanced users, FireTorrent allows you to download torrents without the hassle of a 3rd party application. The FireTorrent plugin includes the very latest technologies and standards to ensure that your download completes quickly and reliably, including advanced features such as STUNT connections, uPnP NAT traversal, uTorrent compatible peer exchange, and many many more!

FireTorrent is a quick 500KB download and delivers an impeccable user experience: click in a .torrent file and Firefox’s well known download confirmation window appears. Smartly, the download confirmation asks for the torrent contents instead of the .torrent file which would be confusing for end users who shouldn’t care whether the download is will be delivered via a torrent, FTP or HTTP.


*Simply Click the Download torrent file in torrent pages or paste the download URL address (Link location) in Firefox navigation toolbar follow by clicking the "Go to the address in the location Bar" tab.
OR Click "Tools" at Firefox toolbar for Downloads. Click "Torrent" tab & click first downward arrow icon to Open torrent file. Go to 2nd downward arrow icon to set download save path.

Torrents are then added to a new tab in the Download Manager, so all downloads reside on a single window. By default you get as little information as you do with the download manager: the file name, download progress and estimated time to completion. Press More Info and you get additional common torrent information: number of seeders, available seeders and the upload rate.

Click "Save" & go to options for download save path.

Click pause to resume at a later time.
You may close the firefox browser & continue downloading at a later time.

To resume just open Firefox browser & repeat steps at * above.
Then click "Resume" at Download Manager Window.

FireTorrent Extension for Firefox

FireTorrent Extension for Windows

Version: - Filesize: 413 KB

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