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Sunday, October 7, 2007


A camcorder is a portable electronic device for recording video images and audio onto an internal storage device.Digital Video (DV) is a digital video format launched in 1994, and, in its smaller tape form factor MiniDV.Digital Tapeless: Low-end digital tapeless systems often use an MPEG-4 codec and flash memory; high-end versions, on the other hand, store video data to hard disk or optical disc.DVD (with the biggest market increases): Uses either Mini DVD-R or DVD-RAM. This is a multi-manufacturer standard that uses 8 cm DVD discs for 30 minutes of video.
A progressive scanning digital video camera records each frame as distinct, with both fields being identical. Thus, interlaced video captures twice as many fields per second as progressive video does when both operate at the same number of frames per second. This is one of the reasons video has a “hyper-real” look, because it draws a different image 60 times per second, as opposed to film, which records 24 or 25 progressive frames per second.

Progressive scan camcorders such as the Panasonic DVX100 are generally more desirable because of the similarities they share with film.

Consumers are racing to replace their aging televisions with high-definition TVs. Trouble is, many are still using devices and services that can't fill those HDTVs with enough visual information to make them look their best.

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