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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Piclens extension for Firefox

PicLens, A Firefox extension that instantly transforms your firefox browser into an online interactive slideshow experience. it can increase you viewing images experiences even on images search result when you visit Flickr, Facebook, Yahoo images, Google images and any page that supports Media RSS.

With piclens installed you can full-screen slideshows while browsing Google or Yahoo images or Flickr. Piclens works with sites that support media RSS. The image you clicked on opens in full screen with thumbnails for other images on the bottom of the screen.
Click on translucent icons on the thumbnail images, PicLens firefox extension will expand the thumbnail images to full screen presentation

* View photos in full screen with a single click
* Glide between photos from within full screen mode
* Play a slideshow of image search results and photo albums
* Supported site : Flickr , FaceBook, Yahoo Images , Google images and other site that support media RSS.
* Support browser : Firefox and Safari
* Support OS : Vista , XP and Mac

Download PicLens Firefox Extension

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