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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Convivea - Bit Che - Torrent Search

Torrent search: fast, easy, free!

What is Bit Che?

Bit Che makes searching for torrents simple. It quickly searches lots of torrent websites for files and easily organizes the results. Bit Che allows you to instantly preview the torrent details by reading the torrent file directly. Easily view the page where the torrent was found or click to open the torrent in your favorite downloader. Bit Che also features built-in filtering to remove duplicate torrents found across the different sites that it searches. Bit Che is the fastest and most efficient torrent search tool available.

Bit Che is pronouced many different ways, usually 'bit chay'. It is named after the Argentinean word 'Che' which *roughly* translates to 'Friend'. Bit Che is your Bit Torrent friend :)

What makes Bit Che so special?

* Super fast torrent searching
* Uses 'hyper-fetching' to instantly preview torrent details
* Integrates with any torrent download client (uTorrent, etc)
* Advanced result filtering (duplicates, file size, -keywords)
* Tabbed Searching (Guevara Edition)
* Media Type Searching (Guevara Edition)
* Morning Coffee Extension (Guevara Edition)
* Translated into over 35 languages so far!

Over 60 sites are supported by Bit Che. More scripts are added all the time.
Visit the Forums for more sites and scripts.

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