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Friday, September 7, 2007

Redirecting Hotmail

Read & delete your mails in MSN Hotmail without logging in directly.

All softwares listedhere (IzyMail, GetMail 4.0, FreePOPs, POP Peeper & Thunderbird2) are Gmail compliance.
To enable POP in your Gmail account & configuration info refer Gmail with POP Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird 2
Download Thunderbird for Windows, English (6.4MB

Thunderbird supports using POP and IMAP mail servers for fetching/reading new messages. It does not support webmail. If you want to use webmail (or WebDAV or HTTPMail) with Thunderbird you need to use an extension or an add-on that essentially makes it emulate a POP or IMAP account.


The WebMail extension for Thunderbird enables access to Yahoo, Hotmail, Lycos, MailDotCom, Gmail, Tiscali, and Libero webmail using Thunderbird. It has a dedicated thread in the extension/theme releases forums.

The WebMail extension is also useful when a firewall blocks access to a POP or SMTP server. For example, if your firewall only allows connection to port 110 for POP and port 25 for SMTP you can't connect to Gmail's mail servers. But you can still use Gmail using the WebMail extension since it uses port 80 with http to send and receive messages. The FreePOPs add-on could also be used to workaround the firewall but it doesn't support sending messages.


  • YPOPs!: Open source Yahoo! Mail proxy program for Windows, Mac, and Linux. See these setup instructions for Thunderbird (with screenshots) or the official instructions.
  • YoSucker: Open source Yahoo! Mail proxy program written in Perl.
  • Blue HttpMail: Open source C++ library.
  • hotwayd: Open source Hotmail proxy program for Linux.
  • MrPostman: (See Below 4) Open source proxy program for Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, and more written in Java.
  • FreePOPs: (See Below 3) Open source extensible proxy with Lua scripting for AOL, Hotmail, Netscape, Yahoo! and more.
  • Poppeeper: (See Below 5) A freeware solution that allows you to use Hotmail,,, RediffMail, Yahoo! Mail, and others, with your e-mail client.
  • Web2pop: (shareware $29 USD) supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and others.
  • Hotmail Popper: For MSN and Hotmail on Windows. Costs $17.50.
  • Izymail Online: (See Below 1) A subscription based add-on to access Yahoo!, MSN and Hotmail from Thunderbird as if its a IMAP account. You can create folders, and copy/move messages to/from folders. It also automatically creates and updates a mirror copy of your online address book.
  • Pop2OWA: Open source mail proxy program for Outlook Web Acces written in Visual basic.

Accessing other folders

Normally you can only fetch new messages from the inbox folder because the add-on (or webmail extension) emulates a POP3 server. However some add-ons let you specify that the contents of other folders should be transparently merged with the inbox folder when checking for new mail. For example, if you're running Ypops! to use Yahoo webmail right click on the Ypops! icon in the system tray, choose "configure", and then "download folders" to configure what folders get merged. This is completely transparent to Thunderbird, who thinks its fetching new messages from the inbox folder on a POP3 server.

If your add-on doesn't support this check whether your webmail GUI has an option to disable the bulk mail or junk mail folder. That would let you filter Spam messages using Thunderbird (if you want to).


IzyMailIzyMail enables you to access webmail from major providers such as AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Windows Live, Fastmail or Gmail with any eMail application.

Start using IzyMail by clicking -Free registration

Your FREE registration

Feature comparison

Free registration Premium subscription
Mail download (POP/POP3) yes yes
Folder synchronization (IMAP) yes yes
Sending (authenticated) yes yes
Sending (anonymous)
Messages since 14 days unlimited
Custom folder download
Custom folder marker
Unread messages
Rich-text messages 30 unlimited
Plain-text messages unlimited unlimited
Sent messages 30 unlimited
Connection quota 900 unlimited
Expiration 20 days unlimited

Subscription rate free only $1.49/mo*

will enable your email address to use the IzyMail system. When your application goes out to check new mail, the IzyMail protocol translation system will automatically be activated. New messages from your webmail account will be discovered, prepared and made available for download. The process is executed in real-time, such that incoming messages are instantly available.


GetMail 4.0

How To Forward ALL Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL And Live Mail Accounts With GetMail

Hotmail doesn't support alternative access methods to Hotmail accounts that have had WebDAV disabled Setup GetMail to forward mail from ALL Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and even Windows Live Mail accounts (not to mention literally hundreds of other webmail only services). The key to getting GetMail to work with these accounts is to take advantage of the many "Web To POP3" software products available. As mentioned already, my favourite of these is a program called FreePOPS, which as an added bonus also happens to be free. So here we go, how to use GetMail to forward your Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL and even Windows Live Mail accounts:-

  1. The first thing to do is download the latest versions of both GetMail For Hotmail and FreePOPS.
  2. Now install FreePOPS, simply follow the prompts, it is a standard installer and very straight forward.
  3. Installing FreePOPS does NOT start it running, in order to launch FreePOPS select Start>Programs>FreePOPS>FreePOPS. It might look as though nothing has happened, if you look carefully you should be able to see the green FreePOPS (FP) icon in the tray icon area of your destop (bottom right by default). Hovering your cursor over this icon will confirm that FreePOPS is running.
  4. Now install GetMail for Hotmail, again simply follow the prompts. You can either chose to run GetMail when it has installed or go to Start>Programs>GetMail>GetMail. ( In order to use a POP and/or SMTP server over SSL you will need to download 2 extra DLL files and save them in your GetMail or Windows/System directory. They are available from HERE
    The 2 files you need are ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll)
  5. One again it may look as though nothing is happening but the white GetMail icon should now be running in the tray area.
  6. Right click on the GetMail icon and select Settings from the menu
  7. This is the main settings page, if you have a paid up Hotmail or an old WebDAV enabled Hotmail account that you wish to forward then this is where you would enter those settings, we are not interested in this page.
  8. Click the small red (Extra Accounts) button at the top right, this will open the settings page where we can configure to forward from AOL, Yahoo etc

9 Enter the full address of the account you wish to forward from(e.g., etc), your account
password, the address you wish to have mail forwarded to.
10 From the Account Type drop down list select FreePOPS.
11 For the SMTP server you will need to enter the details of a SMTP server that you have access to, I would
recommend using your ISP's. If you are note sure of the address of your SMTP server there is a SMTP Server list.
12 Click Save (You may optionally wish to delete mail from the server when it has been forwarded).
13 By pressing the Check For New Mail button the status will update and any mail should now be forwarded.

That's all there is to it really, if you see any problems such as a Local port erros, a 3rd Party Software Error or that mail can not be forwarded please read on for some tips on solving common problems:-

Local port is not responding, check 3rd party software and their logs
There has been a problem with the process of retrieving the mail. This is normally down to you having the wrong version of FreePOPS. You should check the FreePOPS site and make sure that you have the latest version as well as installing any PATCHES from the FreePOPS homepage. Regular software updates are a must.

I've checked the FreePOPS log and all I see is a timeout?
This timeout is occuring because GetMail for Hotmail has incorrect smtp server settings entered. The connection to FreePOPS is dropped first disguising what the actual problem is. Please double check your SMTP settings within GetMail.

... messages could not be forwarded on
The messages have been retrieved correctly but they could not be forwarded. This is a GetMail for Hotmail error and is notifying you that your SMTP settings are wrong. Double check your SMTP settings to make sure that everything is ok, it may just be the case that GetMail is not compatible with the authentictaion model that your SMTP server is using. If you are unable to get this working with a SMTP server you might want to try some local SMTPserver software. I've had success with QK SMTP Server which is both cheap and fast.

For a video guide to getiing GetMail for Hotmail working with FreePOPS, just make a donation and you'll receive access to the donators area.

If you are seeing socket errors then I'd advise that you check out the GetMail for Hotmail FAQ.


FreePOPs is an easily extensible program, which allows access to the most varied resources through the POP3 protocol.
Mainly, it can be used to download mail from the most famous webmails, but it could also be used as an aggregator for RSS feeds and much more. This way it is possible to get all your messages in your favorite email client.
FreePOPs is Free Software!

Version 0.2.5


MrPostman is a java program that allows you to access Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and other webmail services directly from your favorite mail client.

It converts the web pages of your favorite webmail provider to e-mails and provides the standard POP interface to your mail client (e.g. Outlook Express, Netscape or Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, Pegasus).

MrPostman is Free Software, released under the terms of the GNU Public License.
Send an e-mail to the appropriate mailing list, if you have any questions or would like to help with the project.

Currently supported webmail providers:

  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo
  • gmail (Google mail)
  • juno
  • rediffmail
  • Gossamer mail
  • Outlook Web Access (Exchange 5.5)
  • Outlook Web Access 2003
  • Caramail,
  • SquirrelMail

Additionally it now supports the download of RSS news including pictures, excluding ads, ... Enjoy reading news offline!

Adding a new webmail provider might be as simple as writing a script of 50 lines. Feel free to add a script for your favourite provider and send it to us to be included in the next release.

The newest official scripts can be found here.


Go to Sourceforge download area for MrPostman

Development Team

  • Hector Urtubia
  • Chris Humphreys
  • Lucas Bruand
  • Thomas O'Dowd
  • Martin Vlcek

Homepage mrpostman

POP Peeper is an email notifier that runs in your Windows task bar and alerts you when you have new email

Primary Features

  • Easy Setup - accounts are imported from your existing email client(s)
  • Supports POP3, IMAP (including AOL, AIM, Netscape, FastMail, etc), SMTP, GMail, Hotmail\MSN\LiveMail, Yahoo,, MyWay, Excite,, RediffMail, Juno, NetZero
  • IDLE is supported for IMAP accounts which allows instant notification when new mail arrives in your mailbox
  • Read, delete, print and reply to Email without opening your email client
  • Send Email directly from POP Peeper
  • HTML Email Support
  • Password Protection
  • Address book
  • Options to protect you from messages that contain viruses and web bugs
  • Send, Save and Open file attachments
  • Run POP Peeper off your portable storage device
  • No account limit -- notifies you of an unlimited number of accounts
  • Many ways to receive new mail notification: skinnable desktop alerts, audio, flashing Scroll Lock LED and more
  • Specify different intervals for each account
  • Extensive Help with useful tips and information

Email Notification Options

  • Sound notifications: single sound for any new mail, or a customized sound for each account
  • Tray icon notification, with options to display the color and number of new messages for each account
  • Flashing scroll lock LED
  • Windows popup alert indicating which account(s) received new email
  • Automatically open POP Peeper or launch your email client
  • Skinnable popup (optional download)
  • ScreenSaver (optional download)
  • Chime can repeat a sound until acknowledged and\or launch another program when new mail arrives (optional download)
  • Additional Notification Plugins may be available
Download POP Peeper v3.0.1.0
Note: The following archive requires manual installation and uninstallation. It is intended for people who want to use a portable installation and/or people who don't want extraneous information in their registry (ie. uninstallation data). Most users should download the executable installation from the download link above.
Download POP Peeper in zip format (1.3 megs)

More Downloads

Notification Plugins - Download plugins that provide even more ways to let you known when you have new email, including a skinnable popup and screensaver.
SSL Plugin - Allows secure POP3/SMTP connections
PPTweaker - PPTweaker allows you to "tweak" many settings in POP Peeper

Pop Peeper homepage

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