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Friday, September 14, 2007

HP Pavilion Media Center m8190d Desktop PC

HP Pavilion Media Center m8190d Desktop PC on Core 2 Quad Q6600 (K) 2.4 GHz
See Picture below. Price in Picture is in SGD currency.
One of my friends spot this beautiful desktop set in Singapore & handed me the leaflet. More Info.
The Core 2 brand was introduced on July 27, 2006[2] comprising up to 2007[3] the Duo (dual-core), Quad (quad-core), and Extreme (dual- or quad-core CPUs for enthusiasts) branches. The Core 2 branded CPUs include: "Conroe" and "Allendale" (dual-core for higher- and lower-end desktops), "Merom" (dual-core for laptops), "Kentsfield" (quad-core for desktops), and their variants named "Penryn" (dual-core for laptops), "Wolfdale" (dual-core for desktops) and "Yorkfield" (quad-core for desktops). (Note: For the "Woodcrest", "Clovertown", and "Tigerton" CPUs for servers and workstations see the Xeon brand[4].)
Buy Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor

Core 2 Quad

"Kentsfield" (65 nm)


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