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Monday, August 4, 2008

Disposable email address

Protecting yourself against spammers and harvesters by getting a disposable e-mail address. Disposable email address services promise to eliminate spam while leaving good mail untouched.Every time you give out your e-mail address, you take a risk that your address will get on spammers' lists and you'll be bombarded with junk mail. Keeping harvesters from getting your address is important, but you also need to protect any addresses you enter into forms at Web sites.

When you sign up for something on the Web with a disposable email address, you don't use your real email address but an alias of it. Every alias is created specifically for a site or mailing list, and the disposable email address becomes associated with it. Since every disposable email address is given only to one site and associated with it, the source of spam can be identified easily.

1) Spamgourmet - Disposable Email Address Service

spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses, strong spam blocker, short learning curve

* Create unlimited disposable email addresses that automatically expire after 1-20 messages.
* More fuel can be added manually to refill a Spamgourmet address that has run out of messages.
* Spamgourmet aliases are created by using them.
* Abuse can be prevented by requiring certain words in the new address, or even a password.
* Reply address masking replaces your real email address with the appropriate alias when in replies.
* Trusted senders or domains can always send mail through any alias (even expired ones).
* An alias can be assigned an exclusive sender that can always send mail through it.


* Spamgourmet aliases are created by using them
* Reply address masking
* Alias creation can be controlled with a password


* Spamgourmet aliases can't be set to never expire
* Expiration by date would be useful
* Mail to an expired Spamgourmet alias simply disappears
Spamgourmet also has an advanced mode.If desired, you can configure certain addresses so SpamGourmet doesn't stop at 20 messages but will forward to you an unlimited number from contacts you trust.SpamGourmet is free but has drawbacks. Administering each address is an extra step. Also, there's no way to log in to SpamGourmet to see your messages. You must provide a separate, valid address — one that you maintain at some other domain — in order to receive the messages forwarded to you from SpamGourmet.

2) Temporary Inbox 2.1.2

Firefox extension generates random disposable email addresses. You can use these email addresses for registration in forums, adult sites or whereever..

FIRST! There is no registration required!! Require Firefox Browser Free Download.

1. The situation: You want to sign up at a website. You are at the registration form and you have to enter your private email address.
2. You don't want to give away your private email address. So you decide to use an email address from
3. Now click the "random email" button at the temporaryinbox firefox extension toolbar.
4. A random temporary email address has been generated for you.
5. Copy it from the toolbar to the email address field in the registration form.
6. Enter the other things and submit.
7. Now you can check the inbox of your email address on But it's easier to use the firefox extension. Just enter the email account name you used before in the left field of the toolbar and press "Check".
8. Now you will be redirected directly to the inbox of your temporaryinbox account.
9. Open the email and click on the activation link or copy the password... or whatever.
10. Delete the mail or let it be. However the mail will be deleted after 6 hours.

Drawback: No reply address masking
------------------------------------------------------------'s AddressGuard is currently the best value in disposable addresses. The service isn't free, requiring $19.99 per year.
Stop Link Spam Bots
Stop Spam Anti-Spam

Enter your email to convert it into html browser code.
This makes it hard for spam bots to read your email address.
Help's you reduce the amount of spam in your mailbox. Anti-Spam

Copy the code and use it in place of your email address.
The browser will display your email address as originally seen.
Spam bots will see the code and likely ignore it.

E-Mail Icon Generator
The e-mail icons produced by the E-Mail Icon Generator are intended for use as a replacement for your textual e-mail address (eg. "") wherever you might normally put an e-mail address that could appear publicly, for example as a signature on a public forum, on your personal web page or "blog".

By showing your e-mail address in an image form, rather than text, spammers' e-mail harvesting programs are unable to see it, and so will not be able to add your e-mail address to their mailing lists.

The e-mail icons are not however intended to be used as a replacement for your e-mail address in your e-mail client, or on websites which require an e-mail address for signing up. (Please note that if you make the icon clickable using a "mailto:" link, or use your e-mail address in the icon's alt-text, your e-mail address will be visible to address collecting robots!)

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