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Friday, August 22, 2008

32-bit & 64-bit AntiVirus & Firewall

ClamWin runs fine on both 32 & 64 bits processor. See ClamWin Free Antivirus

Agnitum Outpost Firewall 64 bit-See Free Firewall Entry 2


CA Antivirus

CA Anti-Virus 2009
CA Anti-Virus 2009 provides comprehensive anti-virus software protection against viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs. If you are unprotected, viruses can invade through email, downloads, instant messages, and even web pages. They can erase your computer files, damage your hard drive, and destroy the information you value most like photos, music, documents, and more. Homepage

Note: Product does not support Windows 98/Me

* Current Version: v8.4
* Windows 2000 (SP4+), Windows XP (SP1+), or Windows Vista™
Visit to download an upgrade to 64bit at no additional charge and for more information
* 256 MB RAM (512 MB for Windows Vista)
* 300 MHz or higher processor (800 MHz for Windows Vista)
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (7.0 for Windows Vista)
* 35 MB hard disk space
* CD-ROM drive
* Internet access
* Download Size: 32.1 MB

Download CA Anti-Virus 2009 32 bit & upgrade to 64 bit at
Avast Professional 4.8.1229

All-inclusive, comprehensive protection avast! 4 Professional Edition includes ANTI-SPYWARE protection, certified by the West Coast Labs Checkmark process, to protect against the latest spyware threats and ANTI-ROOTKIT DETECTION based on the best-in class GMER technology, built into the scan engine.

Simple to use and fully automated - Automatic incremental updates provide real-time protection of your system, including web surfing. We've made avast! antivirus as simple to use as possible, while allowing full control of your security.

Tried and Trusted - With over 60 million users of avast!, you can rest assured that you are using one of the most tried and trusted antivirus products in Windows security. avast! supports more MS Windows versions (from Windows 95 to Vista 64-bit) than any other anti-malware product.

System Requirements:

For a computer running Windows 95/98/Me:
-486 Processor, 32MB RAM and 50MB of free hard disk space.

For a computer running Windows NT 4.0:
-486 Processor, 24MB RAM and 50MB of free hard disk space and Service Pack 3 (or higher) installed

For a computer running Windows 2000/XP Workstation (Not Server):
-Pentium class Processor, 64MB RAM (128MB recommended) and 50 MB of free hard disk space

For a computer running Windows XP 64-bit Edition:
-An AMD Athlon64, Opteron or Intel EM64T-enabled Pentium 4 / Xeon processor, 128MB RAM (256MB recommended) and 50 MB of free hard disk space

For a computer running Windows Vista:

-Pentium 4 processor, 512MB RAM and 50 MB of free hard disk space

Avast Professional 4.8.1229 Torrent Download
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Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 - Latest version of this award-winning firewall
Release Date: May 30, 2008
32-bit Setup(Available in English language only)
Download Comodo Firewall for Free Size: 18.6 MB (19,564,288 bytes)

64-bit Setup (Available in English language only)
Click here to download
Size: 32.3 MB (33,877,248 bytes)

CFP 3.0 System Requirements

* Windows XP (SP2) 32 bit version
* Windows XP 64 bit version
* Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit versions
* 64 Mb RAM
* 55 MB hard disk space for 32-bit versions and 75 MB for 64-bit versions
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Windows xp x64 (64-bits) with sp2
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