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Friday, May 4, 2012

Xerox Phaser 3121 Windows 7 _ 64 bit driver

Xerox site for Phaser 3121 Drivers & Downloads for Windows 7 returns as "No results are available for the options selected"

The original Phaser 3121 driver for Windows XP  is noted as "Samsung" in the inf file.

Thanks to pen name Eran_Korish at Microsoft Answers site for the tip that Samsung ML-1710_Win7_GDI is a good substitute and we have it tested to be working wonderfully.

Here is the workaround:-
Tested successfully in Wins 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
Download ML-1710_Win7_GDI here.
Upzip RAR file to desktop.
Connect and switch on Xerox Phraser 3121 printer
Go to Device and Printers from Control Panel or Start Menu.
Toolbar→Click  Add A Printer
     Select/Click Add A Local Printer →Next
     Choose A Printer Port
                Select→Use An Existing
                Click USB001 (Virtual Printer Port for use)→ Click Next
Install the printer driver
Drop Down arrow
Click Xerox →Click Have Disk
→ Browse to unzip folder ML-1710_Win7_GDI for Printer Folder/GDI folder/Vista-64 folder.
→ Select SPLV1 and select to click
Open  → Click Ok
Drop Down arrow to select Samsung ML- 1740 series
                   Click Next
Type printer name as XEROX PHASER 3121
Select Share printer → Click Next
Set as the default printer and click finish (At this juncture you may click Print Test Page)

If need, right click installed XEROX PHASER 3121 printer icon at Device and Printers →Select and click
Printer Properties to switch to another available USB port.



Reportedly that the driver for the Phaser 3124 is suitable for the Phaser 3121 printer.
We did not get to test this second option. Nevertheless  Phaser 3124 driver is uploaded
for you here.

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