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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stealth Email and Anonymity

Send a send and receive self-destructing online messages with KickNote free service

When composing a message on KickNotes, you can set the maximum number of times the message can be viewed, the amount of time that the message actually exists, or both.

To send a  KickNote, simply log onto, enter your message, and set your "destruction critera". Once you've created your message, you'll be given a KickNotes link (URL) to your message. You can then copy your KickNotes link into Hushmail strong encryption emails protection.

This will give you a good protection  against eavesdropping, government surveillance, unauthorized content analysis, identity theft and email forgery. Read more here.

You'll also have the option of e-mailing the link to a friend directly from the KickNotes site.
To receive a KickNote, simply click on the KickNotes link given to you, and you'll be taken directly to your message. It's that easy!

Use KickNotes to send:

Sensitive Messages
Personal Contact Info
Temporary Advertising
"Work Unsafe" Links or Images

Use KickNotes on:

Work Computers
Family Computers
Shared Computers
Public Computers

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