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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mininova Deletes All Infringing Torrents

Mininova, the largest torrent site on the Internet, has removed all torrents except those that were uploaded through its content distribution service after they lost a civil dispute against Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN, and were ordered to remove all infringing torrents from the site. The BitTorrent site, Mininova which popped up five years ago, and has been a massive hit with the download crowd.

The ruling meant that while Mininova is not responsible for any copyright infringements, it had to remove all torrents linking to copyrighted material within three months, or face a whacking great penalty of up to 5 million euros for linking to the stuff. As Mininova was born out of the hole left by Suprnova back in 2004, it's inevitable that another site will take its place soon. Read more about the site's demise on its own blog.

The popular DVD ripper, aXXo has stop releasing new DVD rips. While newcomer KLAXXON takes the advantages from aXXo name, DVD rips released by FXG seems identical to aXXo release. aXXo is the Internet alias of an individual who became popular for releasing commercial DVD movies on the Internet as free downloads.aXXo files are popular among the file sharing community using peer-to-peer file sharing protocols such as BitTorrent. The aXXo files gained popularity because aXXo produces files of comparatively small size approximately 700 MB – the same size as a Compact Disc.Because of aXXo's reputation for re-encoded quality, the aXXo name is sometimes faked as an identifying source by a variety of imitators.

The aXXo name first appeared in November 2005 on the message board 'Darkside_RG. In November 2007, aXXo deleted all of his files released after September 7, 2006 from The Pirate Bay, protesting that the site would allow harassing comments to be added to his torrents by "possible members of MPAA".While past aXXo torrents remained available on other torrent sites, uploads of new aXXo files stopped on November 11, 2007.After an absence of four months aXXo returned to uploading, starting with the movie I Am Legend on March 9, 2008.

On December 15, 2008, aXXo's thousandth movie upload, a copy of the Kiefer Sutherland horror film Mirrors, appeared on an internet forum for the Darkside Release Group.

On March 11, 2009, aXXo stopped uploading new files after releasing Punisher: War Zone but he was still regularly logging on to his Mininova and Demonoid account.

On April 19, 2009 aXXo made his last known comment on Message Board 'Darkside_RG',in response to rumors that he had stopped posting on Darkside_RG and was now a father. He states : "I can only say a big thank you for your appreciation mates, hope you all enjoy the darkside as much as you can My home is my beloved Darkside and as I've said so many times before on each of my torrents.... Be aware of bogus sites and lamers See ya."

AXXO Source 1 2 3

FXG Source 1 2 3

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