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Friday, May 8, 2009

Microsoft may soon drop Vista

Vista, originally expected to replace Windows XP and remain available for years to come, was never a hit among consumers or businesses. Many people complained that Vista was simply too bloated and includes too many annoying security prompts that are not necessary for every day use. General Manager Richard Francis of U.S. software giant Microsoft Corp quoted Microsoft Corp is "still not sure if (computer manufacturers) will be able to ship Vista once Windows 7 is made available," That is Microsoft may stop selling its Windows Vista operating system as soon as Windows 7 is available.

Microsoft customers complained that the Vista system was slow and included cumbersome prompts that required granting permission for various tasks. Basing on the hardware that most customers have without any hardware upgrade Windows 7 will actually run better (than the previous version. Furthermore, Microsoft has received criticism for Vista on all sides, and most likely just wants consumers to forget about it as soon as possible. Everybody is waiting on the final release of Win 7 as it is much faster and less annoying.

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