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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Windows XP - the OS that won't die

Microsoft allows vendors to either include or offer a downgrade from Vista to XP will run longer than previously expected. Many have not made the switch from XP to Vista as part of their standard operating environment, yet they still need to buy new computers.

The downgrade option made the process easier, and meant they already have Vista licences for those computers in the event they do decide to change to Microsoft's current desktop OS. Another reason Microsoft still offers XP licences for computers that aren't sufficiently powerful to run Vista well. (eg, netbooks and ultra-low cost PCs)

Microsoft seems reluctant but will continue to develop security patches for XP until April 2014. According to a leaked email Microsoft will allow XP to be offered in conjunction with Vista in that the downgrade option - which applies to Vista Business or Ultimate, and XP Professional - until the end of July 2009.

Small PC suppliers are cutoff as Microsoft has confirmed that the January 31, 2009 will remain for so-called system builders who want to purchase XP licences for the systems they assemble for customers.

This means there will be only a short period which Vista will be Microsoft's only mainstream OS. Windows 7 expected to be ready in the second half of 2009, but even if it doesn't debut until early 2010 that's only a few months after XP's phase-out.
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