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Friday, February 1, 2008

Create Email with Undisclosed recipents

Bcc Means Privacy and Efficiency with Group Email

Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook Express

Create an Address Book Entry for "Undisclosed recipients"

  • Select Tools | Address Book... from the menu.
  • Click the New button in the toolbar and select New Contact....
  • Type "Undisclosed" in the First: field.
  • Type "recipients" under Last:.
  • Type your email address under E-Mail Addresses:.
  • Click Add.
  • Now click OK.

Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in Outlook Express.

To compose and deliver an email message to a group of undisclosed recipients in Outlook Express.
  • Start with a new message.
  • Click on the To: button with the address book icon.
  • Highlight your "Undisclosed recipients" entry.
  • Click To: ->.
  • Highlight all other desired recipients.
  • Click Bcc: ->.
  • Click OK.
  • Now you can add any additional recipients in the Bcc: field.
    • Make sure you separate recipients by semicolons.
    • If you do not see the Bcc: field, select View | All Headers from the menu.
  • Compose and eventually send your message.

Use Bcc when sending email to multiple recipients to maintain the privacy of their email addresses.

Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. Bcc is used to advise a third party of the email without disclosing to the intended recipient that the email has also been sent to the third party. For example, if you wish to advise Ryan that you have emailed John and you don't want John to see that you have notified Ryan.

Bcc can also used to send a message to multiple parties without disclosing the other recipients or their email addresses. You can do this in two ways:

1. Addressing a message to yourself and filling in the intended recipients in the Bcc field.
2. Creating a mailing list. An intended recipient will receive an email addressed to them but will be unable to see the emails of the other recipients.

  • Create a new message in your email client.
  • Insert "Undisclosed Recipients" in the To: field, followed by your email address in "<,>" braces.
    • The To: field should look like: "Undisclosed Recipients ".
    • If you send emails to undisclosed recipients frequently, you can add your own email address to your address book with "Undisclosed" as the first and "recipients" as the last name.
Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail

Now, to address a message in Gmail so that it goes to "undisclosed recipients" but arrives in all the real recipient's inboxes:

* Click Compose Mail to start a new message.
* Type "Undisclosed recipients <" followed by your Gmail address followed by a closing ">" in the To: field.
o If your Gmail address is, for example, this (not including the quotation marks) would go in the To: field: "Undisclosed recipients ".
* Click Add Bcc.
* Type the email addresses of all intended recipients in the Bcc: field.
o Make sure you separate addresses by comma.
o If you write the same group of recipients repeatedly, you can make it a list.
* Now type the message and its subject, and finally click Send.

Set up an Address Book Group for List Mailing in Gmail

To create a group for list mailing from existing contacts in Gmail:

  • Select Contacts from the left side navigation bar in Gmail.
  • Check all the contacts you want to add to the new list.
  • Click the Add to group ... drop-down menu.
  • Select New group ... from the menu.
    • To add the selected contacts to an existing group, select it instead.
  • Type the name by which you want the new address book group to go.
  • Click OK.

Of course, you can also create an empty group:

  • Select Contacts from the left navigation bar.
  • Go to the Groups tab.
  • Click Create Group.
  • Type the desired name of the group under Group name:.
  • Enter an initial set of members under Add contacts:.
    • You can add contacts already in your Gmail address book but type fresh email addresses, too.
The latter will be added to your regular address book as well.

Edit the Members of a Gmail Group

To add new members to a group in Gmail, proceed as above. To remove or edit members of a mailing list:

  • Select Contacts from the left navigation bar.
  • Go to the Groups tab.
  • Click the name of the group you want to edit.
  • Check members and choose Remove from group to delete them from the group.
  • Click on individual contacts to edit their details.

Send Group Mail in Gmail

With your groups set up and populated, you can now send messages to all members easily and swiftly.

Bcc is a useful tool for maintaining privacy of email addresses. With Bcc recipients cannot see the email address of the other email recipients. With To and Cc all recipients can see the email addresses of recipients in the To and Cc fields.

Be savvy and exercise some caution before clicking on that send button. Don't clicked on the wrong mailing list when sending an email and advised everybody in a large department of important dates or events. You subsequently have to send another email recalling your earlier email.
Double check that you have selected the intended recipient or mailing list and the right fields (To, Cc, Bcc) before clicking the send button. Train yourself as to how your email software management package (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird) implements terms such as Bcc. Doing so may save you considerable embarrassment and, importantly, respect privacy obligations


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