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Monday, November 5, 2007

Use IE messages upon opening Firefox

Symptoms: You are being annoyed by the following messages

The W32/AHKHeap virus (also known as w32.USBWorm) is spread by removable drives such as USB keys. It can cause these messages to appear when starting Firefox or when visiting Orkut or YouTube:

You can get it from downloading & installing Firefox from uncertified site. (Including its addons)

Remedy: Reboot Windows & press F8 bfor safemode. Click Start follow by RUN. Type regedit in Run box and click Ok. Click EDIT to select FIND. Then type heap41a and press enter. Delete
C:\Heap41a folder. Repeat FIND to DELETE until heap41a is no longer found in the registry.

N.B. W32/AHKHeap virus masquerade as folder "Microsoft Powerpoint".
At Windows Explorer interface click Tools/Folder Options/Views & select "Show hidden files and folders". Click Ok and exit. Right Click to open your USB/flash drive. Delete the folder "Microsoft Powerpoint". (Avoid double clicking in Flash Drive to be safe)

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