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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Generic Malware Removal - SERVICES.EXE

updates 10th July 2008: Remove The file \1021\services.exe with Security Task ManagerSee here

This executable program has a file size of 65,536 bytes, it is most frequently called SERVICES.EXE and is most frequently located in the %windir%\system32\1021\ folder.
This file is considered unsafe. It was first seen on Monday, May 14 2007. It has been seen frequently by 36 users in this section of the community. The file was first seen in The UNITED STATES but has been seen in other locations, including MALAYSIA.
SERVICES.EXE has been seen to perform the following behaviors:
- Adds a Registry Key (RUN) to auto start Programs on system

start up
- This Process Creates Other Processes On Disk
- This Process tampers with Vulnerable System Files and

- Adds a Link in the Start Menu
- Accesses the MS Outlook Address Book
- Registers a Dynamic Link Library File
SERVICES.EXE has been the subject of the following

- Created as a process on disk
- Terminated as a Process
- Executed as a Process
- Deleted as a process from disk
- Created as a new Background Service on the machine

Method Of Removal

To view SERVICES.EXE file at C:\WINDOWS\system32\1021
Open My Computer
Folder Options
Click Show hidden files and folders

A) Hide extensions for known file types
B) Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

To Remove SERVICES.EXE file at C:\WINDOWS\system32\1021
Reboot Windows and press F8 for Safe Mode
Delete folder 1021 at C:\WINDOWS\system32\1021

Or use Unlocker software

Alternatively specify to block SERVICES.EXE with your Firewall program permanently.

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