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Friday, May 27, 2011

Electronic notepad - PicoNote,Online & Carry Anywhere

One big advantage of using an online note-taking tool is that you can access it on any computer having internet connection.

Piconote is a nice app for taking notes quickly. You can create your notes and synchronise them with Piconote server and use them anywhere you want. Piconote comes in three forms: Web app, Window app and mobile phone web app.

Piconote for MS Window, offline version(freeware) has the ability to insert date and time to note. Import and export text file feature. Open offline note with saved note file extension.dry in hard drive. (copy to pen drive for another computer with Piconote installed)


* Unlimited number of notes in the scrapbook
* Security - password-protected notebook
* The ability to quickly make available notes to third parties (note that the public will appear under a special URL in the public notes)
* Mobile access to notes (browsing notebook and add a new note, for example, in travel on the train)
* Access to the notes may also be when off-line (through a free application)!
* Quickly, easily and safely

Open Piconote. Click on Signup link for online usage.

See more at How To Make A Simple Online Note With Piconote And Carry Anywhere

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