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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Export Your Data from MyBlogLog

Export Your Data from MyBlogLog with Manny,one of the old MyBlogLog engineers, Python script that uses the MyBlogLog API to archive everything for you.

It creates a directory on your hard drive (Windows & Linux only) and creates up to four files for each contact (sites authored, an hcard file, a list of their communities, and a list of services).

1. Download the script (right-click & save as

2. Install a Python interpreter such as current production version Python 2.7.1. Remember, this script only works if you’re on Windows or Linux. Once you’ve installed Python, copy the script into the same directory where you installed Python.

3. Edit the the script with a text editor and replace “foo” with your Yahoo API key. If you don’t have one, you can login to Yahoo and go to the YDN site to request a key. You only need the Generic key because you do not need to authenticate to read the data you are getting.

4. Run “cmd” to get a DOS window, navigate to the directory then run the code with your MyBlogLog username as the parameter. For example,

cd c:\python27
python iankennedy

The script should then run in the command window (if not, you may need to add your python directory to your path variable). The script will save all your data to the directory where you installed python in a directory the with the same name as your username. Subdirectories will be there for all your contacts.


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