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Saturday, May 1, 2010

IE8 black toolbars

Problem:Installed IE8 with both the menus and the toolbars is black, with icons remaining visible around.

Option 1: Select Start, Control Panel, Display, Appearance, Advanced, Click on the
Scroll to the right of the item box and change the selection to Menu.
Change the colour from Black to a light colour of your choosing and
click on OK. Next click on Apply and OK.

Option 2: Click Start,Run and type services.msc. This brings up the "Services" list. Scroll down to "themes",
single click it. Click the "stop" option, double click "themes" which
opens the properties window. Change "automatic" to "manual".

Option 3: Change the theme to windows classic and then back to my modified theme.
(At control panel or by right clicking on the desktop => properties.)

Option 4: See

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