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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aztech Model:WL950RT4 -Wireless Router

Photo credit: Aztech

Subject: Aztech Model:WL950RT4 -Wireless Router Issues
Credit to Craven Lim (Support Team)
AZ-Technology Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Issue One(Resolved): Unable to connect to streamyx connection
Thank to Craven Lim for latest firmware version AzTech_WL950RT4_1.1.5.5 (Feb.2010) received. Download here. Download here Mirror
Upgraded firmware, and reconfigured WL950RT4.
The WL950RT4 new version changes the WL950RT4 IP address from to 10.0.0.x, andt detects an IP conflicts with the Riger.

Issue Two( Resolved): Wireless Network Says Connected But No Webpages
A flaw in Setup Wizard in the wireless router Model: WL950RT4 Security key does not register. Configuration Homepage does not portray Security key.
Thank Craven Lim for directing to reset security key under wireless/security tab. May have to repeat until Configuration Homepage does portray Security key. Note: 128 Bits WEP key type is ASCII with 13 characters in alphabet & numbers.

Issue Three ( Resolved)): Cannot access Log in Authentication page with second unit Aztech Model:WL950RT4. Retype in browser address bar

New wireless router and a PC-less Skype conference phone from Aztech

Aztech's new wireless router targets bandwidth-hungry file sharers and application users. Based on the 802.11n standard, the WL950RT4 boasts five-times the wireless data rates and coverage compared of previous Wireless N models. Source.


User Reviews:

User interface/friendliness
In general, the Aztech's router UI is not cluttered, clean and fast loading. Good n enjoyable when doing configuring.

Here are some screenshots

The aztech router comes with option/function which are advanced despite detailed explanation in the manual.
This may pose problems to new users, such options can be ignored though, because the Setup Wizard will do~! :)

WIFI function
The aztech has in its firmware, the function of AP, bridge and repeating/WDS.
This is a definitely worth buy since you probably wont get it in other N routers!

Users of other DDNS server will be disappointed. Because options available are only DynDNS and 3322[??]

Port forwarding
It may look normal, however an issue has arise as would be mentioned in the Misc/Rant section.

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